Weight Watchers 15-Minute Boot Camp Series

Jennifer Cohen
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This dvd contains four 15 min workouts. Jennifer leads this workout with 2 background exercisers, all performing varying modifications. You will need dumbbells for this workout. Jennifer starts most exercises at beginner and then progresses to intermediate, then the advanced exerciser shows a more challenging version.

Upper Body: after a very quick warmup exercises include: downdog - stand - plank, side plank dumbbell raise, wide row, plank knee pulls, bi curl & toe tap, trie extension & pliet, military press & squat, knee plank row, and a quick stretch.

Core: after a very quick warmup exercises include: toroso twist, lunge & chop, walk out plank, hip shift cross chops, and hip shift weighted circle.

Lower Body: after a very quick warmup, exercises include: curtsy side lunge, squat & single arm overhead, weighted scissor jacks, & crouched glute raise.

Cardio: after a very quick warmup, exercises include: skater, squat taps, squat dumbbell reach, lunge dip toe tap, squat & pull down, rocking horse, pliet calft raise and a cooldown.

I rate these low intermediate workouts following Jennifer, the pace is slow enough that you can easily heavy up if you want to up the challenge. Each exercise is performed for a set amount of time, then you move on to the next exercise, which is why I think its labeled "bootcamp." Jennifer is a motivating & cheerful instructor. I received this dvd to review.