Body Bar: Innovative Stretch

Clare Dunphy
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Body Bar

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I like this workout a lot and can't think of another that's like it. I feel it stretches out my sides and leaves me feeling good afterwards. There are forward bends, some backbending, and plenty of twists and stretches. The 30 minute time frame seems just right to me and you do get some core work with this one. The bar is used as a prop mostly to push up against as she says in her other workouts. I don't see a reason you couldn't do the workout without one. Other than wishing she held pigeon pose a little longer I have no complaints with this one and am happy to have it as part of my rotation.



Body Bar Innovative Stretch is a 30 minute stretch workout led by Clare Dunphy that contains elements of Pilates and Hatha yoga poses. The set is the gold Body Bar set from the Master Your Body series. The music is soothing and goes well with the workout. Clare is joined by Lashaun Dale and an unidentified exerciser. I wish I knew her name because her form is impeccable.

They use the two foot long mini body bar, and you will need one though I think a wooden dowel or other balance tool would work fine. In only one move do they pick up the bar and use it to stretch, but even doing this move without the bar will work. I used a four foot long six pound bar and did just fine with that.

The workout begins with standing stretches and progresses to the floor. Once on the floor, a few of the yoga moves are advanced, but if you've done some yoga before you should be able to do them or modify to your own level. Clare could give more form pointers throughout this, but she does remind you from time to time to modify as needed, although she doesn't describe how and no modifications are shown.

There is a lot of balance work, and strong core muscles are required for a few of the floor moves, so I would not recommend this workout for a true beginner. I'm an intermediate/advanced exerciser and I struggled with a couple of the moves, although it was a very nice challenge for me.

Overall I would rate this a B-, only because it's not long enough, there are no modifications shown, and Clare doesn't describe the moves enough to help set them up.

Instructor Comments:
Clare Dunphy is pleasant enough, easy to listen to and has decent cueing. Her Pilates training is evident in this workout, though in a few spots she appears a bit lost or hesitant. She possibly could have been more rehearsed in some spots, but nothing that distracts from the overall flow of the workout.