Zumba Incredible Results: Super Cardio Dance Party

Steve Boedt, Ricardo Marmitte, Kass Martin
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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My VF Review from 29 November 2013:

Super Cardio Dance Party - Brief review
I tried out Super Cardio Dance Party this afternoon. Love it!

I have no dance background at all, so I can't give an exact breakdown of each segment. If the instructors mentioned the type of dance moves that they focus on, I do list it below. I mostly just have the name of the segment / song, though.

* Can choose English or Spanish
* Option to learn the moves first - skipped this
* Option to have verbal cues on / off
* Approximately 55 minutes long
* Each of the segments is about 5 minutes long, although some are shorter
* Alternately led by Kass, Steve, Ricardo. Back-up cast are Alicia, Taina.
* The number of cardio bursts in each segment varies.
* Does not use the step.

Segment Info:
* In Da Party warm-up. Step touch, V-steps with various arm movements, various side steps / arm movements, mambo + cha cha moves, side lunges
* Zumba Loco. Back steps, knees up & open, chest pumps. Cardio burst with knee up and both arms up. Back leg digs. Cardio burst on other side. Back lunges, etc. Another cardio burst.
* La Morena – merengue focus. V-steps. Some moves here super fast.
* Dancing Salsa – salsa focus with various moves. Fun “piano” moves.
* Give it up. Fun arm combinations
* Mi Vecina
* Taki Country – Indian “fusion” moves. This was one of my favorite segments.
* Elle Me Copia – “fusion”.
* Vem Vem.
* Crazy Love. Merengue moves
* Bouje
* Bangalore Dreaming. Super fun like Taci Country segment.
* Quemando Bota
* A heart that’s full of love - cool down.

Fitbit Info:
* Registered 50 'very active' minutes
* Burned 400 calories

Overall Impressions:
* This was a ton of fun - definitely my favorite Zumba dvd so far. I have the ones that came out approx. 2002 and then Exhilarate Body Shaping System.
* At some points the pace seemed very frenetic. At the start, I was thinking there was no way in heck I could keep up! But it became easier & definitely gave me an awesome cardio workout.
* At first I worried about the voice over style (cues added in after recorded) since I couldn't master that with Exhilarate. However, they break down the moves enough that it wasn't a problem.
* The moves were broken down in such a way that there weren't any that I didn't feel I could do.
* The cardio bursts are usually about 30 seconds - there was some jumping with them that I had to modify because of bad knees, but this wasn't a problem.
* The cast members are all clearly having a blast. Very motivating & encouraging.
* The Zumba Incredible Results symbol popped up between each segment. At first this annoyed me, but then as I was getting more winded, I really appreciated them so I could take a mini break
* Signal to indicate cardio bursts are coming is the lead instructor doing 'muscle arms'. I really liked this because when I got Cindy Whitmarsh's dvds a couple weeks ago, there was a really annoying clicking sound.
* This probably goes without saying, but the music is awesome

Edited to Add: YouTube has a lot of the music samples for anyone who is interested. Just type in "Zumba Music", hyphen, and then the song/segment name.

Instructor Comments:
* The cast members are all clearly having a blast. Very motivating & encouraging.