Zumba Incredible Results: Step

Beto Perez
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts

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My VF Review from 30 Nov 2013:

Step (Rizer) workout
Morning! I did the step (rizer as they call it) workout this morning. I'll do a more detailed review later tonight. In the meantime... It was a lot of fun It was about 45 minutes long. The music was great & the moves definitely Zumba-style, which was cool! Didn't have any real issues keeping up, even with two left feet. I've never really clicked with the workouts Beto leads, but did in this one. There was one segment in particular that had 50s/60s style rock music & moves - had a blast with that one!

The step is low enough (about 3.5 inches) that it didn't bug my knees, which was wonderful. I felt like I got an intense but fun workout.