UFIT Ultra Lean: Upper Body Bliss and Lower Body Blast

Cindy Whitmarsh
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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My VF post from 9 Nov 2013:

I received the 3 DVD UFIT set yesterday. I completed the Upper Body Bliss and Lower Body Bliss workouts last night. I have not really looked at the downloads for the workout calendar or nutrition guide since I pretty much always do my own thing with these. The only other workouts I had done with Cindy as a trainer were the Barry's Bootcamp series.

Things I really liked about Upper Body Bliss / Lower Body Bliss:
* Great music - the Lower Body Bliss even had some tunes I recognized
* Cindy's style was very energetic & motivating
* The one-minute cardio, two minutes targeted strength training interverals were structured so that just as I was feeling I was started to get bored or my muscles were on fire, the exercises changed
* The camaraderie between the cast members was great
* I have back issues because of herniated discs. Upper body work tends to aggravate my back, but I had no issues with these.
* The cardio segments had easy moves, like skating, skiing, high knees - nothing "dancy" at all
* The lower body exercises killed me, in a good way - holy DOMS today
* I do have pretty significant knee issues, but was able to modify so that the lower body exercises weren't a problem
* Since both workouts were 20 minutes long, the time flew by with both of them

Several things I didn't really like about Upper Body Bliss & Lower Body Bliss:
* Uneven reps at times - nothing too major, but just enough to bother me
* Several times, Cindy would indicate the interval was done, they'd stop, and then she'd say let's do a few more - some of the cast would start again, others didn't - it threw me off each time
* The clicking to signify that the end of the interval was coming reminded me of being in an MRI machine
* It would have been great if there was a timer on the screen
* There was no way to pre-program the DVD to play both workouts - after one was done, you had to go to the main menu again to choose the other

Overall, I did really like both. I will definitely do them again.