Obsidian Fitness - Circuit Training DVD (slide board)

Erin Wathen, Lacey Bruschke
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Sliding, Total Body Workouts

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* Length: 56:50.
* Led by Erin and Lacey. Matt, Kathryn, Katie in background.
* They refer to this as around the world throughout. They switch boards after each exercise in circuit style fashion.
* Floor Prone Cobra - 1:50. Off the board. Lay facing floor, thumbs up, raise up & down slowly.
* Back extension with rotation - 1:14. Off the board. Lay facing floor, raise up, twist, center, down, switch.
*Single leg floor bridge - 2:09 . Off the board. Get in bridge position, lift up, raise leg up in 90 degree, down, repeat. Switch. Can modify by raising leg straight up.
* Single leg squat - 2:32. Off the board. Single leg squat, repeat same side. Switch.
* Prisoner push-ups - 1:06. Off the board. Push-up, knee to elbow, other knee to elbow, in, jump in, jump up, back down, repeat. Modify by walking in & up.
* 4 Squats, 1 Vertical jump - :30. Off the board. 3 squats, jump, switch sides, repeat.
* Slide - 2:00. On the board. Can modify by adjusting pace, adjusting arms in front or back, marching in place, or twisting across board.
* Squat with bicep curl to V - 2:13 . On the board. With weights. Squat, 1 curl & 1 v on way up, repeat. This one has some funky 4th of July music.
* Reverse lunge with overhead press - 1:55. On the board. With weights. Reverse lunge, overhead press, repeat same leg. Halfway through, switch legs.
* Sliding jack / push up -2:06. On the board. Push-up with arms off board, jack with legs on board. Can modify by just doing legs, or onto elbows and scissor legs.
* Slide - 1:03. On the board. Can modify as per above (they refer to modifications as options).
* Hamstring curls - 1:54. On the board. This are killer! Lay on back off board, bridge legs on board, out and in, repeat. Can modify position of arms (elbows on ground, arms up).
* Mountain climbers - 1:58 . On the board. Can modify by slowing down pace.
* Cross country lunges - 1:54 . On the board. Lunge on board, snap legs in, switch sides, repeat.
* Slide - :59 . On the board. Can modify per above.
* 360 Jack - 2:01 . On the board. Option with weights. Legs out and in, twist 180 degrees, repeat. Can stay in place and just do in and out. Can increase intensity with weights in static bicep position, or side raise.
* Sliding push-up - 2:01 . On the board. Mitts on hands. Legs off board (can do on knees). Arms on board out for 2, in for 2. Can also modify in table top position on knees.
* Double leg push pull 1:55. On the board. Hands off side of board on floor. Legs out 2, in 2 straight back, repeat for 45 seconds. Then to one side, repeat (obliques). Switch sides (obliques).
* Slide - 1:01. On the board. Modifications as per above.
* Static squat with side raise - 2:01 . On the board. Static squat on board, arms out 2, down 2 in side raise, repeat.
* Static lunge with tricep kick backs - 2:02 . On the board. Static lunge with kickback, repeat same leg. Halfway through switch legs.
* Bi/tri push-ups - 2:06. On the board. Mitts on hands. Legs off side, either straight back or on knees. One tricep (in), one chest (out) as you go down, repeat same side. Switch halfway through.
* Knee to elbow - 1:58. On the board. On elbows off side of board. Legs straight back, bring one in to opposite elbow, repeat same leg. Switch halfway through.
* Mountain climbers - 1:01 . On the board. As per above.
* Cool down - 5:04. Arms off side of board, hands on floor, both legs on board, one leg back in runner stretch. Switch legs. Can modify by having one leg off side of board. Side lunge with one leg off board, switch sides. One foot off board, other behind it on board, stretch same arm up & over. Switch sides. Off board. Down in glute stretch - one foot on opposite knee. Quad stretch same leg. Switch sides. Calf stretch with leg back, switch sides. Shoulder stretch, tricep stretch, switch sides. Hands in front to stretch upper back. Fingers laced behind back for chest stretch. Neck stretch, switch sides, then front.

Pros (some of this info is similar to the Intermediate DVD review)
* As with the Intermediate DVD, this workout is hardcore - I loved it!
* Favorite moves: floor prone cobra (enjoy anything that works my bad back), single leg floor bridge, squat with bicep curl to v, reverse lunge with overhead press, sliding jack / push up (holy glutes on fire!!), hamstring curls (this one is awesome), 360 jack (I stayed in place), static lunge with tricep kickbacks
* There isn't any jumping like on the Pure Cardio workout, other than the squat & turn move, which wasn't an issue for me.
* Nice, even pace throughout - no jerky movements
* More sliding intervals in this one - can still really feel the resistance of the board during the different moves that were done on it.
* I really liked using the board for the stretching - felt like I got a deeper stretch with it.
* I also like that they give quite a few modifications / options in the different moves.
* I love that it combines cardio and weights for a total body workout.
* Same timer and alert to upcoming moves.
* You can really grow with all of the DVDs I've done so far. They suggest 3-5 pounds to start for women, 8-10 for men.

* At one point in the DVD, a trainer mentions that you can adjust the slide board. I don't think the 5' one is adjustable, or if so, I haven't figured out how to do it. I still think 5' is perfect length for my height of 5' 5, so kind of a non-issue.
* There are a couple glitches on the DVD. One exercise shows about 2 seconds of a prior exercise. One set of mountain climbers the screen blips. Neither issue is major.
* For some who want more sliding, this one may not have enough - there is just over 5 minutes in this one. But again, you can add it in any time.

Instructor Comments:
* Same pleasant, no nonsense, encouraging instructor style as the other Obsidian workouts I've done so far.