Obsidian Fitness - Crazy Abs DVD (slide board)

Erin Wathen, Lacey Bruschke
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Abs/Core , Sliding

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* Length: 30:13
* Led by: Lacey, Erin. Background: Holt, Katie, Trish.
* Hover Alternating Knees R/L - 1:20. Off the board. Plank position. Drop right knee down, up and hold, switch. Option to do on both knees.
* VSits - 1:09. Off the board. Start in sitting position. Push legs / upper out & in. Option to leave feet on floor. Then twist side to side.
* Long Lever Crunch - :52 . Off the board. Lay flat on floor, legs & arms straight out. Raise upper body with straight arms into crunch, leaving legs flat on floor.
* Isolated Crunch -:29. Off the board. 30 isolated crunches - lift upper body with straight arms while lower remains flat on floor.
* Slide - 1:06. On the board.
* Downward Dog - :59. Mitts on. On the board. Start in plank. Bring legs in for 2, return to plank for 2, repeat.
* Double Leg Push-Pull - :35. On the board - hands off the side. Legs out and in, repeat.
* Core Drag - 1:25. On the board. Mitts on. Start in table top position with knees at side of board. Slide hands out in front & back, repeat.
* Twisting with Weight - 1:00. On board. With one dumbbell. Stand on board. Twist side to side across board with weight in hands at shoulder level.
* Oblique Reach / Crunch -:57. On the board. Standing. Extend left leg out, arms up in diagonal, pull in 2, out 2, repeat. Isolate at end of segment - smaller moves.
* Twisting with Weight - :55. As per above.
* Oblique Reach / Crunch - 1:08 . As per above, opposite side.
* Elbow to knee - 1:20. On the board. Arms off the front of board, on elbows. Legs on board. Bring right knee to left elbow, push leg straight out. Can modify by bringing knee across, and back to board instead of straight out. Halfway through, switch sides.
* Komodo Dragon - :45. On the board. Mitts on. Start in plank with hands on board, legs off. Walk right hand forward & left leg forward, push-up, reset. Switch sides. Can modify on the floor.
* Downward Dog - :55. As per above. 15 times.
* Double Leg Push-Pull - :55. As per above, but 15 to right, then 15 to left instead of straight back.
* Mountain Climber - 1:05. On the board. Hands off side of board, feet on board. Can modify by adjusting speed.
* Hard Core Floor Work - 5:05. Off the board. On floor in crunch position. 1. Crunches with feet on floor. 2. Crunches with arms forward, reaching for angles. 3. Crunches side to side, reaching for ankles. 4. VSit position, elbows to floor, side to side. Speed up. Even faster. 5. VSit position - hold, sink an inch back if can, sink again. 6. On side, crunch lifting upper & lower body. Then bring knee in and out, switch sides. 7. Hover position (plank). Dip hips side, center, switch sides, repeat.
* Cool Down - 1:12. Cobra. Child's pose. Reach to right side, switch. Cat pose. On knees - arms in front, fingers laced for shoulder / back stretch. Arms in back for chest stretch.

* Very well-rounded abdominal work. DOMS practically guaranteed
* Unique moves from the ab work moves in the other DVDs, including Komodo Dragon, Downward Dog, Twisting with Weight, Hard Core Floor Work segment, etc.
* Timer and alert to upcoming moves.
* Easy to combine with other Obsidian DVDs - I'd probably combine it with one of the shorter 30-minute DVDs, like Upper or Lower Body.

* For those who want more sliding, you can add in sliding intervals.
* The Hard Core Floor Work segment had a bit of a frantic pace to it.
* I tend to need more stretching after doing ab work, so I repeated the cool down moves and held the poses for longer.

Instructor Comments:
* Pleasant, no nonsense instructor style.