Obsidian Fitness - Recovery DVD (slide board)

Erin Wathen, Lacey Bruschke
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Sliding

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* Length: 30:42
* Led by: Lacey, Erin. Also: Trish (created the Recovery program & leads some moves), Sarah, Emily.
* Note: Some moves in this DVD have the option of using a foam roller and tennis ball.
* Recovery Slide - 1:58. On the board. Slow paced glide from side to slide, graceful arms.
* Runner's Lunges - :42. On the board. Side lunge, up, switch sides, repeat.
* Inner Thigh Lengthen and Stretch - 1:18. One foot on board, other off. Slow, deep side lunge on board, repeat. Switch sides.
* Squat and Hamstring Stretch - 2:59. One foot on the board, other off. Slow reverse lunge, bring in, and up, repeat. Then move into deep runner's lunge, drop foot, bring back a little further to work hip flexor. Halfway through, switch sides.
* Side Stretch - 2:02. One foot off side of board, other on board. Stretch and reach left arm overhead to right, slide left foot back and up slightly, balance, repeat. Switch sides halfway through.
* Chest Opener - 1:26. Mitts on. Sit off side of board, legs out in front, hands behind you on board. Slide hands slowly back, up, repeat. Near end of segment, alternate lifting leg in front when coming up.
* Leg Slide - 2:20. Feet on the board, lay back. Slide one leg down and back, switch, repeat. Can put towel under back if have back issues. Next move in segment: Drop leg to side, slide, rotate in, bring back, repeat. Reverse direction. Switch sides about halfway through.
* Butterfly - :23. Butterfly legs down and up on board.
* Shoulder Mobility - 1:09. Put hands on top of mitts on board, table top position on knees off side of board. Rotate hands in and out.
* Foam Rolling Piriformis - 1:41. Get foam roll if you have one. Sit on foam roller, cross one foot over to stretch outside glute area. Can use tennis ball inside of sock to modify. Make sure to not roll back and forth. Hold :30, then switch sides.
* Foam Rolling Thoracic Spine - 1:44. Sit on floor, roll upper back onto foam roller. Cross arms in front, or finger tips behind head. Lift up slowly, release. Near end of segment, arms across chest, roll slowly to release upper back.
* Foam Rolling Lats - 1:31. On floor. Get on side, top leg over. Foam roller in armpit area, roll slowly, front to back. Switch sides halfway through.
* Foam Rolling IT Band - 1:55. Lean on foam roller with it just above knee level. Can take top leg over, or have both out straight. Go slowly towards hip, and then back down, repeat. Switch sides halfway through.
* Foot / Calf Stretch - 1:01 . Take off shoes & socks. Put foam roller at edge of board. Heel on board, toes on foam roller to stretch. Modify if don't have foam roller against a wall. Switch feet halfway through.
* Hamstring Stretch - 2:06. Lay on floor, knees bent. Use towel, place over foot, straight leg hamstring stretch, slowly bring into chest. Switch legs halfway through.
* Inch Worm - 1:02. Place towel on board. Slowly grab towel and bring in towards you. Switch feet halfway through.
* Foot Massage with Tennis Ball - :31. Roll ball slowly on bottom of foot. Switch halfway through. They recommend doing it for 2 minutes on each side at home.

* Nice, all-around deep stretching program.
* I have always really enjoyed using a foam roller, especially when trying to release muscles after playing soccer or other high intensity sports.
* The moves were really helpful in loosening up my quads, hip flexors, IT bands, and feet in particular.
* Calm, relaxing pace with the moves throughout.
* Obsidian recommends doing the Recovery DVD once a week - I think this seems appropriate, especially after doing the more intense DVDs.

* You really do need a foam roller to get the full benefit of the moves that use it. There is really only one move where you can modify with a tennis ball in a sock.
* This is one DVD where I wish there was a music-off or quiet music option. Some of it seemed too "electronic" for me. Some segments, like Butterfly, Hamstring, etc. had a nice Celtic-like flute music, though, which I liked and found relaxing / calming.
* I personally was hoping for more yoga-like moves in this one as I think using the board for that type of recovery / stretching could be really effective.

Instructor Comments:
* Pleasant, encouraging instructors throughout the program.