Obsidian Fitness - Advanced DVD (slide board)

Erin Wathen, Lacey Bruschke
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Sliding, Total Body Workouts

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* Length: 52:15
* Led By: Lacey, Erin. Background: Breckin, Marcia, Patrick.
* Hover - 1:34. Off the board. Start in plank, rock forward 2, back 2, one leg up & down, other leg up & down, repeat.
* Rotator Plank - :44. Off the board. Get in plank on elbows, but one arm in front of the other in front of body. Open up, close, repeat. Switch sides halfway through.
Leg Rotation Extension - 1:15. Off the board. On back, table top, lower knees to side for 2, extend, back in, back to middle, switch sides, repeat.
* Single Leg Squat Touch Down - 3:02. Off the board. Stand on one leg, knee bent, reach down for opposite pinky toe, then rotate up reaching fingers to opposite side of room, repeat. Can modify by tapping foot down. Switch sides halfway through.
* High Knees - 2:43. Off the board. 1. Jog in place with high knees. Option to do slower in place, or lower knees. 2. Football feet - really fast. 3. Jumping jacks. Option to do side to side slowly without jumping. 4. Squat jacks - lower jumping jacks.
* Slide - 1:58. On the board. Quick pace, arms in front.
* Squat to Bicep V - 1:48. On the board. With weights. Squat down, lift with bicep curl, up to V with arms, back down, repeat. Near end of segment (:30)- hold squat with isolated bicep beat backs - hold arms in bicep curl position and push back, in, repeat.
* Side Lunge with Row - 1:18. On the board. With weights. Slide one leg down & out, reach down opposite arm at same time, resist leg back in & row arm up, repeat.
* Squat to Bicep V - 2:00 . As per above.
* Side Lunge with Row - 1:29. As per above, opposite side.
* Tricep push-up with Jack - :35. Feet on the board, hands off front of board. Push-up, jack legs out & in, repeat. Option to do push-up on knees and then jack.
* Tricep Dips with Leg Up - :36. On the board. Mitts on. Sit on board, lift up bum, one leg up. Lower into tricep dip, up, repeat.
* Mountain Climbers - :51. On the board, hands off side.
* Tricep Push-up With Jack - :29. As per above.
* Tricep Dips with Leg Up - :33. As per above, opposite leg up.
* Sliding Push-Up - 1:15. Hands on the board, on knees on side of board. Slide out for 4, in for 4, then 4 quick push-ups, repeat. These burn!
* Slide - 2:03. On the board. Quick pace. Option to have weights in hands. At minute mark, intervals - faster pace 15 seconds, slower for 15 seconds, repeat.
* Wood Chop with Dumbbell - :40. On the board. With 1 weight. Squat down to right side, raise up & twist to opposite side.
* Squat with Torso Twist - 1:06 . On the board. With 1 weight. Squat, arms out in front with weight, twist slowly to right, center, left, center, repeat.
* Lunge - :57. On the board. Weights in hands. Deep lunge down, up, repeat. Then down 3, up fast, repeat.
* Static Lunge Reverse Fly - :36. On the board. Weights in hands. Leg back, reverse fly back 2, in 2, repeat.
* Wood Chop with Dumbbell - 1:19. As per above, opposite side.
* Squat with Torso twist - :41. As per above.
* Lunge - :59. As per above, opposite side.
* Static Lunge Reverse Fly - :32. As per above, opposite leg back.
* Core Drag - 1:40. Mitts on. Knees on floor, hands on board. Slide arms out in front, back, repeat.
* Triple Quad Core Blaster - 1:15. Hands off side of board, feet on board. Right leg back, in, left leg back, in, both legs back & out, in, repeat. x 10.
* Hamstring Curls - 1:28. Sit off side of board, bridge up, feet on board. Heels out in front for 2, in for 2, repeat. Can modify with elbows on floor, or arms straight up to make it more challenging.
* Mountain Climbers - 1:46. On the board. Get a 10 second break after 1 minute, last 30 seconds 'hard core'. Can slow down, increase speed to modify.
* Cool Down - 4:58. Off the board. Lay back on floor, legs & arms straight out. Knees in, rock to sides. Drop knees to one side, extend arm, in, hamstring stretch, ankle to knee, glute stretch, switch sides. Child's pose, cat pose. Inner thigh stretch, calf stretch, switch sides. Hip flexor stretch, switch sides. Stand & release head, hands, roll up. Shoulder stretch, tricep stretch, switch sides. Side stretch, switch. Quad stretch, switch.

* Comprehensive, total body workout. Works on strength, cardio, endurance, balance.
* Favorite Moves - Single leg squat touch down (killer balance move - legs & glutes on fire!), sliding & sliding intervals, side lunge with row, wood chop with dumbbell, static lunge reverse fly, triple quad core blaster (wow - legs & core on fire), hamstring curls (legs are 'screaming' as they say)
* Lots of room for growth. Can increase intensity as you get stronger - heavier dumbbells, faster pace, etc.
* Nice, long cool down & stretch.
* Obsidian is really helping with my endurance. After doing Obsidian for about 2 weeks now, I was able to do 30 seconds straight of mountain climbers before needing a quick break.

* Uneven times with reps on the wood chop (:40 & 1:19). There are some other minor differences with other moves, but this one alternates sides, so 39 seconds longer on one side.
* Sliding makes up 4:01 of the workout. Those wanting more sliding can add in intervals as desired.
* This isn't necessarily a con, but make sure to master the moves in the Beginner and Intermediate DVDs before doing this one. There are not a lot of modifications / options and this is the hardest of the 10 DVDs, IMO.

Instructor Comments:
* The instructors are incredibly encouraging in this workout. Each time I felt like stopping, they said something to motivate me to keep going. Lots of helpful pointers throughout. They also seem to be really having fun with the workout.