Obsidian Fitness - Intermediate DVD (slide board)

Erin Wathen, Lacey Bruschke
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Sliding, Total Body Workouts

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* Length: 51:04
* Led by Erin and Lacey. Matt, Kathryn, Katie in background
* Ab work (marching) - :57. Off the board & on the floor. From table top position - Heal drops on floor, alternating legs.
* Bicycle - :46. Off the board & on the floor. Bicycle abs, alternating, nice slow pace. Can take legs out for modification.
* Elbow to Knee - 1:43. Off the board & on the floor. Tabletop position, alternate leg / arm out, bring in.
* Push Ups - :46. Off the board & on the floor. Down for 3, up for 1. Can modify on knees.
* Hamstring Heel Push - 1:10. Off the board & on the floor. Tabletop position. Leg up & hold, slow down. (kind of like fire hydrants, but back instead of to the side). Then mini pulses with same leg.
* Hamstring Heel Push - 1:20. As above, but other leg.
* Prisoner Squats - 1:31. Off the board. Fingers behind head, squat down, up on toes.
* Jump Rope - 1:23. Off the board. Side to side jump roping. Option to stay low.
* Slide - 2:35. Modify by slowing down, speeding up. Arms to side like skating, or behind back.
* Static Squat with Mac Raise - :47. On board. With weights. Squat on board, one arm forward, other in side raise. Stays on same side.
* Static Lunge with Chest Press - :52. Turn on board, static lunge. Chest press low, mid, high.
* Static Squat with Mac Raise - :47. As per above, but opposite side.
* Static Lunge with Chest Press - :52. Opposite leg in front in static lunge on board. Chest press as per above. Can modify off of the board
* Bicep Curls - :52. On board. Balance with one leg up, bicep curls in both arms. Option to do with both legs down, or to lower leg you are balancing on & raise it with bicep curls (ie single leg squat).
* Kick Backs - 1:31. On board. Step to side twice, kick one leg back off board (back lunge), 4 kick backs with arms. Repeat. Can modify off of the board.
* Bicep Curls - :52. As per above. Balance on opposite leg.
* Kick Backs - 1:29. As per above.
* Sliding Push Up - :48. Put hand mitts on. Knees on floor. Hands on board. Table top hands, or just slide out into into 90 degree push up. Brief stretch at end
* Double Leg Push Pull - :32. Knees at end of board, hands off board on floor. Legs back & in for 5, to one side back & in for 5, other side back & in for 5.
* Mountain Climbers - :52. On board, hands off side. (they say it's 30 seconds, but timer says :52).
* Slide - 2:19. Can modify as per above.
* Reverse Lunge with Overhead Press - :48. On board, weights in hands. One leg back, both arms up into overhead press. Repeat with same leg Can modify with no weights, or alternate arms up.
* Inner thigh - 1:10. On board, legs out for two, in for two. Can do with arms out and in (elbows at side) as well with weights.
* Reverse Lunge with Overhead Press - :48. Opposite leg back, rest as per above.
* Inner thigh - 1:02. As per above.
* Squat and Row - 1:07. On board, squat, row, rise to top.
* Static Squat and Row - :36. Static squat on board, rows.
* Core drag - 1:18. Mitts on hands. Knees off side of board. Arms forward and back on board for 2. Modify to make harder by putting knees further back, or alternate arms.
* Tricep dips - 1:04. On board with mitts on hands and feet. Dip. Can modify with keeping bum on board, or off side of board. Can make harder by lifting leg.
* Mountain climbers - :47. Hands off side of board, mountain climbers on board. Can speed up to modify.
* Plank - 1:10. Off the board. Plank on knees, or on toes to make more challenging.
* Elbow to Knee - 1:08. Off the board, on the floor. On side, top leg extended, long arm, bring elbow to knee. Then side leg lift from side plank position.
* Elbow to Knee - 1:10. As per above, opposite side.
* Vertical lift - :35. Crunch position on floor, legs up, weight in hands & lift up.
* Cool down - 3:34. Lay straight out on floor. Knees into chest, rock side to side. Knees to side, stretch to release back. Hip flexor stretch. Knees to other side, stretch to release back. Hip flexor stretch other side. Sitting, legs out wide, reach in front. Stretch to right, arm up & over. Switch sides. Stand. Quad stretch right. Right leg behind for runners stretch, arm up & twist. Switch sides. Upper back stretch with arms in front, chest with arms in back. Neck stretch forward. Twist.

* This workout is hardcore - I loved it!
* Favorite moves - hamstring heel push, static lunge with chest press, double leg push pull (yowza!), reverse lunge with overhead press, vertical lift, inner thigh (can tell this one will really work!), squat and row, and of course sliding. It is definitely a total body workout.
* Even though there isn't a lot of sliding, I could really feel the resistance of the board during the different moves that were done on it, especially the lunges and inner thigh moves. Seriously, there is nothing like doing mountain climbers on this thing.
* There isn't any jumping like on the Pure Cardio workout, other than the jump rope moves, which are really easy to modify.
* Nice, even pace throughout - no jerky movements, but you really get your heart rate going.
* I love that it combines cardio and weights.
* Same timer and alert to upcoming moves.

* Less than 5 minutes sliding. But...you can add in intervals during or after the workout to suit your needs.
* Other than that, I can't really think of anything. This is my favorite of the three I've done so far (Beginner, Pure Cardio, and this).

Instructor Comments:
* Same pleasant, no nonsense instructor style as the other Obsidian workouts I've done so far. I really enjoy not having someone bellow at me. They are encouraging.