Obsidian Fitness - Beginner DVD (slide board)

Erin Wathen, Lacey Bruschke
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Sliding, Total Body Workouts

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* Length: 51:29.
* Led by: Lacey, Erin. Background: Sanal, two others.
* Begins with checkpoints - 1. foot position 2. knee position 3. hips neutral 4. shoulders up, back, & down 5. chin slightly tucked looking over horizon. Perceived Exertion Scale description. Should be between 4-6 during working sets. Cardio = aim for 8 range. Some tips on how to make more or less intense - on/off board, add weights, etc.
* March & Step Backs - 1:30. Off the board. 1. Marching. 2. Drive higher. 3. Side step with arms up to shoulder level. 4. Deeper side step with arms up. 5. Legs back into lunge, arms up. Modify by pulling arms back instead of up.
* Abs - 2:10. Off the board. On the floor. Set up in crunch position, feet on floor. 1. Fingers behind back, pull in abs, release, repeat. 2. Hand behind head, other in long lever, crunch up & down, repeat. 3. Reach for ankle & up, repeat. 4. Switch sides - long lever, crunch up & down, repeat. 5. Reach for other ankle & up, repeat.
* Hover - :30. Off the board. On elbows & knees (with legs back a bit). Stretch back into child's pose.
* Hover - :29 . As per above.
* Reach Out & In - 1:40. Off the board. Start in table top. Reach out & in, opposite arm and leg, repeat. Switch sides halfway through.
* Balance - 1:55. Off the board. Right leg up, toe pointed out, arms out long, thumbs up. Open leg out to side. Reach leg behind. Switch to left side. Back to right leg, then switch.
* Slide - 2:12. On the board. Can modify by staggering across, twisting across, high knees across the board, or staying in place on board with knees up, or move side to side off of the board. Can intensify by increasing speed.
* Single Leg Lat Raise - 1:34. On the board. With weights. Stand on one leg, lat raise up 2, down 2, repeat. Options to go off of board, alternate arms, tap down foot if need to. Quick break, repeat same leg, up quick, down slow.
* Static Lunge Bicep Curl - 1:23. On the board. With weights. Turn sideways, right leg in front in static lunge, bicep curl up 2, down 2, repeat. Option to do without weights or off the board. Can intensify by lowering lunge deeper. Quick break. Up quick, down slow same leg.
* Single Leg Lat Raise - 1:30. As per above, switch legs.
* Static Lunge Bicep Curl - 1:22. As per above, switch leg for lunge.
* Single Leg Tricep Extension - 1:25. On the board. With weights. Stand on one leg, tricep extension down 2, up 2. Option to do with one dumbbell. Quick break, then repeat on same leg.
* Partial Squat Chest Fly - 1:22. On the board. With weights. Slight squat. Chest fly - in 2, out 2, repeat. Option to alternate arms, or come off board. Quick break. In quick, out slow.
* Power Stance with Fast Runner Arms - :45. On the board. With weights. Static lunge with arm pumps. 15 seconds. Switch legs. 15 seconds. Option to do off board, without weights.
* Single Leg Tricep Extension - 1:29. As per above, switch legs.
* Partial Squat Chest Fly - 1:30 . As per above.
* Power Stance with Fast Runner Arms - :45. As per above.
* Slide - 2:47. On the board. Options: modify pace, twist across board, marching across board, do off board (jumping jacks, high knees). 1:25 left increase speed.
* Step Punch - 1:38. Straddle board. With weights. Step and reach across board. Reach up, nose level, aim down to floor, repeat. Option to do without weights.
* Side Lunge to Row - 3:19. One leg off the board. With weights. Right arm static bicep curl, left leg slides out in side lunge on board, left hand reaches down at same time, up, repeat. Quick break. 2nd round same leg. Halfway through switch sides.
* Sliding Push Up - :45 . Mitts on. In table top at side of board, knees on floor. Hands on board. Hands down 2, in 2, repeat. Can increase intensity by walking knees further back. Quick child's pose stretch.
* Floor Bridge - 1:26. On back at side of board, feet on board. Bridge up for 4, down 4. Can modify with feet off the board.
* Tricep Dips - :44. Mitts on. On board. Down and up, repeat. Quick break. 8 tricep dips. Option to do off the board.
* Mountain Climbers - 1:19. Feet on board. Hands off side of board. Options: reduce or increase speed. Quick break. Repeat. Quick break. Repeat. Quick break. Repeat.
* Ab #2 Marching - :49. Off the board. Crunch position, 90 degree legs off the floor. Lower 1 leg down 2, up 2, switch sides, repeat.
* Side Plank - 1:19. Off the board. On side (knees) & elbow, hold. Switch sides. Can modify by reaching arm straight up, or straightening upper leg.
* Cool Down - 4:24. Off the board. 1. On back, roll knees into chest. 2. Knees to side, arm out. Switch sides. 3. Extend right leg, hamstring stretch. Cross leg over, glute stretch. Switch sides. 4. Quick cat pose. 5. Inner thigh stretch, on elbows. Switch sides. 6. Hip flexor stretch, Shoulder stretch, tricep stretch. Switch sides. 7. Stand up - quad stretch. Switch sides. 8. IT band, side stretch. Switch sides. 9. Chest stretch with hands behind back. 10. Neck stretch - to right, roll to left, center.

* Good introduction to the Obsidian slide board moves and workouts.
* Solid total body beginner workout. Instructors recommend doing at least once a week, preferably 2-3 times per week. Instructors mention it can complement any sports or other activities.
* Lots of modifications / options throughout the workout to help you get used to the uneven surface of the board.
* Favorite Moves - static lunge bicep curl, single leg lat raise, single leg tricep extension, partial squat chest fly, sliding, step punch, side lunge to row,
* Nice, even pace throughout. No jerky movements.
* Timer and alert to upcoming moves.

* Sliding totals 4:59 of the workout for those looking for longer sliding. You can add in additional intervals as desired.

Instructor Comments:
* Pleasant, encouraging instructors throughout. They positively motivate you to go deeper and push harder. Very attentive to providing tips on proper form and detailed instruction on moves throughout. They suggest starting with 3-5 pound weights for women, 8-10 pound weights for men. It is clear they are having fun with the workout.