Obsidian Fitness - Pure Cardio DVD (slide board)

Erin Wathen, Lacey Bruschke
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Sliding, Total Body Workouts

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* Length = 35:33
* Push up with rotation into side plank - 2:13. Done next to the board on the floor. Can modify on knees.
* Leg rotation with Extension - 3:35. Ab work off the board while lying on floor. Alternate legs up, crunch, legs back down. Next - vertical lifts. Legs up, lift upper body with weights. Back to leg rotation/extension and then repeat vertical lifts.
* Multiplaner - hops - 2:47. Off the board. Single leg forward, pinky angle, back. Repeat. Double time. Switch legs. I can't do this one because of my knees, so I modified with ski jumps.
* Jumping Jacks - 1:33. Off the board. Then into squat jacks. March or back / side lunges for modification.
* Slide - 1:47. On the board. Can put arms in different positions to modify (ie behind back, swing out like skating, etc). Or speed up.
* Cross the River - :53. Jump over the board. Like skater move over the board. Modification is to step over the board, or just squat. Double time to increase intensity.
* Two-Ins - 1:06. On the board. Slide across board while pumping arms. With weights. For some reason, I can't glide across the board, so I stayed in one spot moving legs front & back.
* Cross the River - :54. Same as before.
* Two-Ins - :40. Same as before.
* Slide - 2:14 . Same modifications as mentioned before.
* Squat to overhead press - 2:08 . On the board. Squat down, alternate leg up with opposite arm up in overhead press.
* Squat Jump - :51 . Jump squat over board, turn, and jump squat back. Then to the side. I modified this by doing it in place due to bad knees.
* Stationary Squat with jabs - :34. On the board. Squat & jab in front. Can do with or without weights.
* Slide - 1:45. Same as before.
* Single thread the needle - 1:20. On the board. Plank, the needle into side plank, then 'run' or basically mountain climbers for 10 seconds. Switch sides.
* Hell hiker - 1:00 . Appropriately named! Arms in front of board. In for 4 (mountain climbers), out for 4 (to the side). I modified just with mountain climbers.
* Cool down - 3:15. Inner thigh stretch on floor, then back lunge. Switch sides. Hip flexor stretch, quad stretch on floor. Switch sides. Standing back stretch, shoulder stretch, hip stretch, neck stretch, IT Band stretch, shoulder blade stretch.

* More time sliding on the board than the beginner workout - approx 6 minutes.
* Music is basic, but not distracting.
* Easy to modify or make more challenging.
* Very good cardio workout.
* Quite a few functional fitness moves.
* It was a fun workout and one I'll definitely keep in a rotation.
* Full workout timer, segment timer, screen says what exercise is coming next. Makes writing reviews a lot easier

* Would be nice if there was a music-only option.
* Board still moves a little on the floor, but not as much as when I did the basic workout yesterday.
* Wish there was more time actually sliding.

Instructor Comments:
* Instructors are pleasant, no nonsense.