Obsidian Fitness - Power & Balance DVD (slide board)

Erin Wathen, Lacey Bruschke
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Sliding, Total Body Workouts

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* Length: 35:49
* Led by Lacey and Erin. Patrick, Breckin, Kitty in the background.
* Plank - 1:52. Off the board. Start on knees & elbows, lift up, hold for 5, tap knees, back up, repeat. Can modify with legs wider.
* Reverse Crunches - 1:13. Off the board. Start on back, lift legs up & lower to 90 degrees, repeat. Can modify with arms on floor or up.
* Ab Pointer - :53. Off the board. Start on knees or toes, reach hand straight out, arm to side 3:00, arm straight in front, in, repeat same side. Abs on fire!!
* Walking Push-Ups - 1:06. Off the board. Can do on knees or toes. Push-up, walk arms to other side, drop down, lift up, walk arms back, push-up, repeat.
* Tuck and Extend - 1:37 . Off the board. Start on left leg, bend forward & reach right leg back & both arms in front, bring arms & leg back in, repeat same side. Can modify by tapping foot down, not going as deep. Increase by going deeper & extending legs / arms further. Glutes on fire!!
* Tuck and Extend - 2:09. Per above, opposite side. Glutes on fire again
* Tuck Jumps - 1:12. Off the board. Tuck jump or modify with squat jumps or alternate knees up. At :55 in - do out and in with feet very quickly. Option to just shake it fast in place.
* Slide - 2:00. On the board. Can modify by changing pace, twisting across board, marching knees up in place, single leg jacks in place, or jacks off the board. One of them uses shorter board in order to go faster.
* Squat Jumps - 1:03. Off the board. Vertical squat jumps over the board and back, repeat. Then horizontal over the board, repeat. Option - small squat jumps in place, or one leg at a time. Can increase intensity by doing single leg.
* Romanian Dead Lifts - 1:32. On the board. Use one dumbbell. Balance on left leg, weight in right hand, right leg back, reach for opposite ankle with weight, snap up, single leg squat, reach arm up, and back. Repeat. Can modify off the board.
* Speed Skate - 2:27. On the board. 15 seconds fast, 15 slower, repeat. Can modify by adjusting pace, etc. Great cardio
* Romanian Dead Lifts - 1:21. - As per above, opposite side.
* Oblique Reach & Crunch - . On the board. Uses one dumbbell. Balance left leg, right leg out, arms up to opposite side with weight, crunch left leg & arms in for 2, out for 2, repeat. Can modify off the board. Isolation moves at end of segment (smaller range of motion).
* Reverse lunge with Overhead Press -:59. On the board. Uses both weights. Reverse lunge with arms up, bring leg & arms in to balance, repeat. Can modify off the board, or by not bringing leg up.
* Speed Skate - 2:11. As per above.
* Oblique Reach & Crunch - :52. As per above, opposite side.
* Reverse lunge with Overhead Press - :53. As per above, opposite leg.
* Mountain Climbers - 1:02. On the board. Hands flat off side of board, legs fast for mountain climbers. Can modify by changing speed or sliding instead.
* Cool Down - 3:16. Off the board. Standing hip flexor stretch, hamstring stretch, switch sides. IT band stretch, twist into chest stretch, quad stretch, glute stretch, switch sides. Lace fingers in front to stretch shoulders, then in back to stretch chest. Arm stretch, switch.

* This is one of my favorite Obsidian workouts.
* Good, relatively short total body + cardio workout.
* A lot of balance, endurance, & functional fitness work - many moves that I've done in physical therapy over the years.
* It also felt like sports-specific training, which is great for me
* Favorite moves: really everything in this workout except mountain climbers - in the last week that I've been doing Obsidian, though, I've already seen improvement in how long I can go with those
* Love the speed skate intervals There is about 6:30 worth of skating in this workout total.
* Nice, even pace throughout.
* Timer and alert to upcoming moves.
* Probably could combine it with some of the shorter (30 min) Obsidian DVDs, but it's pretty comprehensive as-is.

* The big thing for me is the jumping because of my wonky knees; however, there are modifications for all of those moves and I had no issues whatsoever in this workout.
* Those who prefer more sliding can just add in additional intervals.

Instructor Comments:
* The instructors seem like they are having a lot of fun in the workout. Also encouraging.