Obsidian Fitness - Upper Body DVD (slide board)

Erin Wathen, Lacey Bruschke
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Sliding, Upper Body Strength

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* Length: 30:11
* Led by Lacey and Erin. Background: Jeremy, Sonal, Marcia.
* Push-ups: 1:34. Off the board. Down 3, hold, tap knees, push up, repeat.
* Side Plank: 1:54 . Off the board. Get on side, up on elbow, can start on knees, stack heels off the floor. Can modify by staying on knees, or having one leg straight; can lift up leg and one arm for challenge. Halfway through, switch sides.
*Single Leg Floor Bridge: 4:25. Off the board. Get in bridge position, raise one leg straight up, up quick, down slow, repeat same side. Options: can have hands flat or arms up to modify; keep both heels down. Next - single leg lower and raise for 2 on same side, repeat; at end, hold up for 10 seconds. Switch sides halfway through.
* Jumping Jacks / Scissor - 1:44. Off the board. Standing. Jack, scissor back, jack, scissor back opposite leg, repeat. Option to walk through it; to make it harder, take arms up higher, legs lower.
* Slide - :54. On the board. Modify by changing pace, arms in front or back, or twist across board.
* Static Lunge with Bicep Curl - 1:09. On the board. With weights. Get in static lunge position, bicep up 2, down 2, repeat same side. Option to do it off the board.
* Partial Squat with Tricep Extension - :44. On the board. With weights. Static squat, triceps down 2, up 2.
* Static Lunge with Bicep Curl - :50 . As per above, but with other leg in front in static lunge position.
* Partial Squat with Tricep Extension - :53. As per above.
* Wax On Wax Off - :42. Mitts on. Hands work on board. On knees off side of board, arms out, around, up, then opposite direction. Can do option from table top position; make harder by walking knees back further; or do one arm at a time.
* Tri-Chest push-up - 1:07. Mitts on. Hands work on board. On knees off side of board. One arm down, other does sliding push-up, down 2, up 2. Do 8, then switch sides with arms.
* V-Sit Chest Press - :29. Off board. With weights. Sitting position, lean back a bit; can lift heels to make more intense for core. Chest press up & forward, down to 90 degrees.
* Isolated Rows Toes on Board - :44. On or off the board. Can start in plank on board, row up one side, switch. Modifications: Can work off of board in plank, or on knees on board, doing same movement.
* V-Sit Chest Press - :29. As per above.
* Isolated Rows Toes on Board - :33. As per above.
* Core Drag with Push-Up - 2:00. Mitts on. On knees off side of board, slide hands out in front & back, out to side & in, repeat for 20. Modify - start in table top position, or alternate arms.
* Tricep Plank Kick Back with Toes on Board - :44. On or off board. With weights. Lower body - legs straight out on board, tricep extension same side for 8, switch sides. Modify: on knees or table top (on or off board).
* Cool Down - 1:58. On floor. Hip flexor, shoulder stretch, side stretch, tricep stretch, switch sides. Standing shoulder stretch, switch sides. Lace fingers out in front for shoulder stretch; lace fingers in back for chest stretch.

* Favorite moves: single leg floor bridge, core drag with push-up, partial squat with tricep extension, static lunge with bicep curl, slide.
* Well-rounded upper body workout - arms, back, core. Also has some lower body.
* Nice, even pace throughout.
* Timer and alert to upcoming moves.
* Easy to combine with any of the other shorter Obsidian workouts or do on its own if you're short on time, or perhaps want to do some type of cardio with it. I combined this with the Lower Body DVD.

* Only :54 of sliding. Can add in intervals as desired, though.
* Personal preference: I prefer to have "traditional" stretching for upper body before working that area just because I have flexibility and back issues. Can do on own before beginning DVD.
* Note - upper body is my least favorite area to work, so I don't have as many "favorite moves" on this DVD as I do on the others I've done

Instructor Comments:
* Pleasant, no nonsense instructor style.