Obsidian Fitness - Lower Body DVD (slide board)

Erin Wathen, Lacey Bruschke
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Lower Body Strength , Sliding

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* Length: 31:06
* Led by Erin and Lacey. Matt, Matt, Emily in background.
* Rock the Boat - :43. Off the board. Sitting on floor, roll up with arms up & then back down.
* Tadpole to Frog - :58. Off the board. Start in plank, jump in to squat, and back to plank. Repeat. Option to walk in and out.
* Pick Up Sticks - 2:40. Off the board. Right leg forward into lunge, back up raising leg up to balance, repeat same side. Option to tap instead of raising leg up. Switch sides halfway through.
* Squat/leg lift to lunge/leg lift combo - 1:47. Off the board. Squat, leg raise to side, same leg lunge to back, lift leg straight back, return to start, repeat. Halfway through switch sides. This move is killer
* MK Lunge - :36. Off the board. Alternating leg lunges with arms up (slight jumping). Option to lower intensity without jumping.
* Slide - 1:19 . On the board. Arms behind back, slide. Options to twist across board, speed up/down. They point out two of them have shorter boards for the cardio purposes.
* Squat to overhead with Rotation - 1:15. On the board. With weights. With arms up, squat down, up, twist, center, repeat same side. Can modify without weights, or put hands on shoulders.
* Air Guitar with Dumbbells - 1:09. On the board. With weights. Side lunge down, return with knee up. Can option with one leg off side of the board. Arm down & up in row (working same arm as leg).
* Squat to overhead with Rotation - 1:21. As per above on other side.
* Air Guitar with Dumbbells - 1:23. As per above on other side.
* Squat to Double Arm Row - 1:15. On the board. With weights. Squat down, row, bring it up.
* Charlie's Angels - 2:44. On the board. With one weight (option). Right leg forward lunge cross over, twist upper body towards right leg, back, repeat. Awesome core work with this one. Option to do off the board - forward lunge, twist, back, repeat. Option to remove cross over. Switch sides halfway through.
* 180 Jack - 1:07. On the board. Can hold on to weights (light), or release. Legs out, resist in, turn. Can stay in place with legs out & in. If using weights, arms at shoulder level, out & in. This is my favorite inner thigh move on the board.
* Cross Country Lunges - 1:22. On the board. Lunge down, squeeze up to center, switch sides, repeat.
* Static lunge with rotator press - :38 (last part of 1:22 above). On the board. Stay in place. Right leg forward to static lunge, arms up to 90 degrees (facing downwards), open to w, down to 90 degrees (facing downwards), down, repeat.
* Cross country Lunges - 1:34. Repeat as per above.
* Static lunge with rotator press - :38 (last part of 1:34 above). Repeat as per above, left leg in front.
* Hamstring Curls - 1:11. Table top off side of board, feet on board. Bridge up, slide heels out on board, and in. Can modify with elbows on floor, or arms up; also doing one leg in at a time.
* Mountain climbers - :59. Hands on floor off the board, legs into mountain climbers on the board. Options: reduce/increase speed; one leg at a time. Can also slide if need to.
* Cool down - 3:16. Off the board. Lay on floor, arms & legs all the way out to stretch. Knees in, down to one side, arms to opposite side, switch. Hamstring stretch, glute / hip stretch, switch sides. Inner thigh stretch, hip flexor stretch, switch sides. Standing IT band stretch, switch sides.

* Even though it focuses on lower body, there is some nice core & back work.
* Favorite moves: Pick up sticks, Squat/leg lift to lunge/leg lift combo, Air guitar with dumbbells (for inner thigh work), Charlie's Angels (for core), 180 Jacks (for inner thigh work).
* Minimal jumping for those of us with bad knees for the MK lunge; can modify by just alternating lunges.
* Nice, even pace throughout - no jerky movements
* Plenty of modification options throughout.
* Lots of room for growth - You can build up your strength & endurance over time by increasing weights, going faster, increasing range of motion, etc. I also like that it is helping me with my balance.
* Timer and alert to upcoming moves.
* Easy to combine with any of the other shorter Obsidian workouts or do on its own if you're short on time, or perhaps want to do some type of cardio with it.

* Only 1:19 of sliding, but can add in intervals wherever you would like.
* In and of itself, I didn't feel like I had worked out long enough, so I combined this one with the Upper Body DVD. This is just a personal preference, though (I like to do alternating strength days instead of lower one day, upper another). I think this might also go well with the Crazy Abs or Recovery DVDs.

Instructor Comments:
* Pleasant, no nonsense, encouraging instructor style.