Tighten Tone and Torch

Suzanne Bowen
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Lower Body Strength , Upper Body Strength

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This dvd contains three 21-23 minute workouts, one cardio, one lower body, and one upper body, and separate warm up and cool down. Suzanne works out alone, barefoot, and you will need dumbells for the strength workouts. There is also a 6 min bonus ab workout.

Upper Body Sleek: Exercises include knee push ups, low hover, tri pushup variations, plank shifts, plank knee drops, side plank series, table to tri & shoulder weight work, and kneeling side & front raises.

Lower Body Lean: Exercises include plie series, lunge series, unique balance stick work, hip shifts, kneeling hip circles & shifts, table top work, plank leg raises, and side lying inner thigh work.

Cardio Sleek: This is a cardio interval workout. Exercises include: plie abduct series, lunge taps, rear leg lift & kicks, plie & jump, and includes a short stretch. This is mostly low impact.

Bonus Abs: Exercises include: Crunches, oblique crunch series, bike & bridge.

I rate this an intermediate routine. Suzanne provides excellent form pointers and instruction. Lots of great unique exercises, great pace, and no wasted time. This dvd offers a lot of variety and has no dread factor. I received this dvd to review.