Quick Fit

Andrea Metcalf
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Pilates/Core Strength , Total Body Workouts

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this dvd contains 30 five minute workouts, ten each: pilates, cardio, and strength. Andrea works out alone in a nice apartment style set. You can play all of each genre, select one workout, or select a premade workout. Each routine flows into the next. You will need dumbbells for the strength workouts. Each genre has a separate warm up & cool down.

Cardio: Segments include boxing, kickboxing, hi-lo aerobics and more. Exercises include: chug step, mambo, jacks, shuffle squats, punches, kicks, cardio lunges, bob & weave, knee pulls, skater, bob & weave, pony step, V step, speed bag, fast feet, and quad star.

Strength: Segments include upper body focus, core, lower body, & total body routines. Exercises include: lunges, dips, squat variations, lower body exercises adding in upper body work, plie series, plank variations, renegade rows, bridges, rollups,

Pilates: Segments include core focus, standing, floor routines, stretches, strengthening, and more. Exercises include: low back superman, roll backs, bicycle, toe drops, dips & knee ups adding a hop, side lying leg series, table top balance series, standing plies, planks, bridge, standing stretches, saw, cat cow, bird dog, and reverse plank leg raises.

I rate these routines intermediate but Andrea offers lots of modification options making these great for many exercise levels. Andrea has a nice personality and provides good cuing and form pointers. Lots of variety without complex choreo make this a very versatile dvd. Andreas poundage is fairly light but you can heavy up somewhat to up the challenge. No wasted time, and a moderate paced workout give you a real bang for your workout minute. I received this dvd to review.