Slim Body Fitness

Stephanie Levinson
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Abs/Core , Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Rebounding , Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts

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Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

Historically, I have liked Stephanie Levinson's workouts, but have ended up not doing them too much because they went to the floor too much for my preferences. When I looked at the clips for this DVD, I noticed that she was standing throughout them. So, I decided to try it.

The basic idea of the DVD is that she gives a bunch of short segments and you can do different segments to fit your needs for the day. In a couple of segments, she talks briefly about how to put segments together; for example, she talks about the best way to slim the lower body is to combine a cardio segment with the lower-body segment we just finished. Yet, they chose not to make this DVD programmable - where you can choose the segments you want and then have the DVD play it. Why not? It would make this DVD awesome and would enable her to deliver on the premise that the DVD is based on. Once you start playing a segment, it automatically segues into the next one. Each segment has a intro, a move that serves as a warm up, and a goodbye. I didn't think it was choppy, but there are definite breaks. If you hit the skip button, it goes to the next segment.

As far as the content of the segments, they include cardio intervals,ab work, sculpting for the typical problem areas. Equipment called for in this DVD includes step, hand weights (lighter rather than heavier), rebounder (one section), weighted ball (one section). I have seen the question whether bands could be used. For some moves sure; but, I think it would take a lot of figuring out while she moves at a constant pace. Personally, I wouldn't try it. The segments include:

Wedding Dress Arms: 10.5 minutes
Get Waisted: 10 minutes
Flab-U-Less Lower Body: 10.5 minutes
Ultimate Body Blast: 10 minutes
Ultimate Cardio Sculpt: 10.5 minutes
Flab-U-Less Cardio Intervals: 10.5 minutes
Rebounding Workout: 11 minutes
Abs & Arms Workout: 11 minutes

I have seen this DVD ranked as intermediate/advanced and beginner/intermediate. I would agree with the latter classification. It doesn't seem advanced to me. However, I did the workout without a step and that would definitely increase the intensity. Still, those segments still seemed like they would be intermediate to me, even though it was less intense for me. I'm sure you could make it harder by giving your all and doing all the impact and it does have that flexibity. For those expecting an advanced workout though, I don't think they'll find it here.

I haven't seen the set addressed much, but I think that for some people, it will be a big deal. She is located in a room at a fitness club where presumably they offer classes. There is fitness equipment in the background. There are also windows between that room that look into a bit room with fitness equipment. At various points throughout the segments, people start exercising in the background or stop and watch what she is doing or walk by the door into this room. They always quickly cut away to an angle where you can't see it, but it can be distracting for just a minute. For those that don't care about this that much, it probably won't matter, but some might be bothered by this.

The music was generic techno-beat stuff. I don't remember that much about it other than remembering to make the comment for those that want to know about the music.

OK. So, what did I actually think about the workout? I liked it - a lot. The segments flowed for me and I thought the moves, and the way they were put together, seemed fresh and new. I liked that it was mostly standing and I found her motivating. She gave a few modifications (like, you don't have to use the step or telling you to leave out the impact) and she gave form pointers at various points. It was disappointing that they didn't make the DVD programmable, but I can skip around to what I want. The lack of an actual warm up bothered me some. I know that the first few seconds of each segment is supposed to suffice, but it didn't seem to be enough for me. I don't use the rebounding segment, but I was happy to see it for people who do have that piece of equipment. And, the way she uses different pieces of equipment kept me engaged. However, she doesn't use a lot of different pieces in any one segment, so the use of equipment didn't seem overwhelming.

Instructor Comments:
I really like her as an instructor. She is motivating. She cues well. She makes the workout accessible to me.

Laura S.