Body Beast Abs

Sagi Kalev
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core

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A 10-minute abs/core routine that's part of the Body Beast rotation. It's included on several of the discs. Sagi instructs two muscle-y men in a series of lying ab exercises. All exercises are done for a certain number of reps (usually 20) or a certain length of time. You need a mat and an optional Hex dumbbell or dumbbell with squared sides.

The exercises in order are:

- crunches with knees up
- Russian twists: lean back, legs extended on the floor but slightly bent at the knee, hold a dumbbell and twist side to side, trying to touch elbows to the floor
- hip-ups (aka lower body reverse crunch): legs extended straight overhead, torso on the floor, lift and lower the hips
- crossed tuck-ins: lean back with hands on floor, legs bent and crossed at the ankles; bring torso and legs together, in and out
- cobra: lie prone, hands by ears, feet down; lift and lower upper body to work low back
- Spiderman crunch: go into plank, alternating bringing knees to outside of elbows
- bucket drop: same as Spidermans except knees cross under torso to inside of elbows while your body lowers down
- one-arm plank with weight: hold plank with dumbbell in one hand; lift arm with dumbbell and twist/rotate torso open so the arm is pointed at the ceiling
- windshield wipers: lie on back, legs extended straight overhead; bring legs side to side without touching down and keeping your upper body and arms grounded
- Beast abs: lie on your back, legs extended straight. Raise legs and write "B-e-a-s-t" in the air, bringing legs down after each letter. Then reverse and write "t-s-a-e-B".

You're done!

I do a lot of ab work and found this routine challenging but not impossible at all. The toughest moves for me, the three plank-based moves, go by quickly.

Instructor Comments:
Sagi gives clear instructions for each of the moves. As always, his tempo/pace when counting is all over the place, so go at your own speed. He does not do any of the exercises but does give us a flash of his six-pack at the beginning so we know what we're gunning for (hah). Both of the exercisers are shirtless, if this provides further inspiration for you (double hah).