Kickbox Burn

Patrick Goudeau, Heather Corndorf
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Kickboxing workouts make me feel “BAD-A$$” LOL, so I was excited to receive a copy Patrick Goudeau presents Kickbox Burn with Heather Corndorf. Patrick leads the warm-up with marches, jogs, jumping jacks, alternating lunges, and boxer shuffles. He then hands the reigns over to Heather, who takes us through a series of jabs, crosses, knee strikes, and knee lifts (which change into alternating kicks.) Heather works one side first before moving to the other side.

Round One: Moves in this fun, energetic round include jabs and crosses, kicks with crosses, front knee with back kick, front kick with cross punch, cross punches to the front and back of the room, lunges front & back, body shots then add burpees (I HATE burpees, so I added squats.) Repeat everything on the other side. WHEW!

Round Two: Start with side jabs, front jabs with cross punch, side crunches (lift knee to elbow); add an uppercut, knee, roundhouse kick – then combine moves: knee, roundhouse kick, knee, uppercut. Take a “break” (ha-ah) by shuffling forward with jabs, then return, jump and switch sides. Finish with jumping jacks, squats, and uppercuts.

Round Three: Double side-step, add a jab/cross, add jumping jacks. Stay in position for one-armed speedbag, then alternate that with jacks. Combo: speedbags, jab/cross, boxer’s slip. Repeat on other side, then jump rope. Jacks, hooks, knee raises, arm pull – then add all for combo. Two knees, roundhouse kicks, cross punches, repeat. Cross punches only, then crosses high & low. Jog in place, then repeat on the other side.

Round Four: Squat twist, add alternating cross punches then alternating knees. Squat and twist jump, then cross punches and add running in place. Lunge back with a front knee lift, then combine cross punches, running, and lunges for a combination sequence. Knee strikes to low lunge pulses. Jump rope, then burpees. Then other side.

At about 55-minutes long, this was a true fat-burning, cardio kickboxing workout! The music was great, upbeat and energetic; it really put me in the mood to work out! Heather’s instruction was clear and concise, and her personality really shone through. I am looking forward to her next workout!!

Patrick leads the ten-minute Abs Workout, although he did not actually do the workout himself. The exercises included planks, planks with knee-dips, planks with dolphin presses, push-ups, mountain climbers, side planks and crunches. Nice if you want to add on additional abdominal toning, but I was beat (apparently so was Patrick, LOL!)

Debbie J