Rockout Knockout

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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This workout did not seem to be well received in the forum, but I really love this workout.

I think many prefer Cathe's older kickboxing workouts which are more combo oriented. This workout is more drill-based, with a combo section at the end. I would agree the combos in the last section are a little bit weak. A few of them are actually awkward. But I like the entire workout and having different sections with different focus.

The first section is Cardio Kickboxing which is a mix of kickboxing drills and some cardio drills that are kickboxing related, like hitch kick and ice breakers.

The second section is a similar mix but with the boxing gloves on, so this one is more boxing and less kicking.

The final section is combos, which is (as mentioned already) the weakest section of the workout. But now that I know the combos, I'm enjoying it more.

There is a bonus section for the Heavy Bag. I don't have a Heavy Bag, but I use this section a lot, because it has some pretty fun boxing combos in there and I still enjoy it without the bag. It is probably the most fun Heavy bag bonus section of all her workouts.

One of my favorite things about the workout is the music. It is the fake lyrics, which I know a lot of people hate. (I prefer any vocals over instrumental music.) Many of the songs are more of the hip hop variety. With that genre the lyrics feel secondary to me, and I appreciate the beat. I think Cathe did a great job of choreography the moves to the music in this one. Especially in the first two sections.

I never get a super high intensity workout from kickboxing, but I would say I get a better workout from this one and Hard Strikes than her other kickboxing workouts. This is because of the cardio drills mixed in throughout the workout.

Overall, this is a winner workout for me.

Lisa C


Cathe leads this 55 min kickboxing workout in a gym set with 3 backgrounders. The DVD also includes a 10 min bonus heavy bag routine. Cathe & crew use boxing gloves for a portion of the workout, though you could use weighted gloves or no gloves at all. The DVD is chaptered and includes a TON of premixes.

After a warmup you move into a boxing routine with no gloves: jab cross plyo knee pulls, jab & jack series, speed bag up -cross & shuffle back, jump rope variations, step side kick & pump, scissors, plyo hop forward & block jacks back, ice breakers, march & hitch kick, plyo kicks, elbow strikes, punches, & plyos. Glove routine: X jumps, punches with combos, shuffle & slip, & flurry. Kickbox Combos: punch & kick combos, knee & elbow strikes, punch & kick combos, and finishes with core work & a cooldown.

I rate this a high intermediate routine. Cathe keeps you going pretty nonstop and the pace is quick. Fun routines that will get your heartrate up & are easy to follow without being boring. Cathe's instruction is impeccable and I enjoy her instruction style. As with most boxing/ kickboxing workouts, you give it your all and you can get an amazing workout. I did NOT receive this DVD to review.



I bought this video hoping to up the intensity of my kickboxing workouts. I'm a long-time fan of Cathe's due to her excellent cuing and professionalism with both form and instruction. I would rate this workout a solid high intermediate to advanced. Much more intense than her other kickboxing videos, with the exception of HardStrikes. What I liked about this video is that it was chaptered, and you could workout with or without gloves. There were also faster segments, like the first one, slower segments, like the second one, and more detailed combos, like the last one. The only word of caution is that if you have problems with your feet, as I do, the first cardio section will be tough, with all the jumping jacks, plyo, etc. It can be modified, but you would be modifying a lot!! I just grin and bear it. I think this is a good, solid workout that is good on days where you have a lot of energy and want to burn more calories.