Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics

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This dvd has five mini workouts that are 25-29 minutes each, including warm up and cool down. The warm ups and cool downs are about 5 minutes each, and are the same for each workout. The dvd is fully chaptered into warm up, workout, and cooldown, and includes many premixes of various lengths. The five workouts are Low Impact, Hi/Lo, Cardio Blast, Fat Blasting Circuit, and Step. Most of the segments were drill based, including moves such as jump shots, power jacks, air jacks, burpees, scissor jumps, etc. All segments, except for Cardio Blast, included a toning segment. The choreography was easy to follow. Most of the moves were high impact, with the exception of the low impact segment. This workout will get your heart rate high and keep it up there. I would definitely rate these workouts advanced. I do wish we could have programmed our own segments instead of just relying on premixes, but that is a small, small criticism.
What I Liked:
For the most part, I liked the music. Cathe has the triple tracks, which is voice only, music with fake lyrics, or music only. I loved that each section is short but advanced, so you can fit it into your day and still feel like you got a workout. The choreography was simple so you can do it in the morning without thinking too hard. Each segment was a sweat fest!
What I Didn’t Like
This is completely subjective, but I think that for the toning sections Cathe relied heavily on shoulder work. I wish she would have diversified more. It seemed for almost every section we were doing some variation of a squat press. Additionally, when I think hi/lo, I think of something a little more dancy, so I wish that the hi/lo section were more choreographed. She did alternate high intensity and lower intensity sections, but I just thought it would be a little dancier.
What You Might Want to Be Aware Of
Lots of squat presses in each workout, so if you have shoulder issues…you have been warned! Also, each section, except for Low Impact, has high impact moves, so be ready to modify or hop on board.
Overall, I really liked this dvd for the short, but incredibly tough, sweaty workouts and I hope to be able to use for a long time (hoping my knees and hip don’t give out!).

Instructor Comments:
Cathe got down to business, but still joked a bit and commented on the music. I liked that she seemed winded in some sections. She was encouraging throughout the workout.



This dvd contains five 25-29 min aero-tone workouts. You will dumbbells, step, and gliding discs for this workout. Cathe and 5 background exercisers work out in a gym set with great music. Each workout includes a warm up & cooldown.This dvd is fully chaptered & includes premixes.

Low Impact: exercises include: squat digs, shuffle floor touch, ice breaker, lunge kicks, pliet pulses, disc burpee -pushups, single leg squat & upright row, squat overhead press, disc dips & curl, drag out stagger pushups, & tri kickbacks. Cardio then strength.

Hi-Lo: exercises include: jacks, power lunges, ski, hammer knee pulls, power jacks, jump shot, air jacks, burpee pushups, hop forward & back, lunge clean & press, squat overhead press, pliet snatch, and tri pushups. Cardio then strength.

Cardio Blast:exercises include: pliet heel clicks, jack jab combo, squat jumps, jump rope, shuffle hop, wide tuck jumps, double jog, lunge dip scissor switch, wide tuck jumps, and burpees. All cardio.

Fat Blasting Circuit: exercises include: 180 squat hops, jacks, jog, air squats, squat overhead press, pushups, side lunge & front raise, scissor tucks, pliet hi pull, T jumps, lunges, X jump air jacks, curl & overhead press, and squat tri extension. Alternating cardio & strength.

Step: exercises include: power glute repeater, rope, soccer drill, jack & 1/4 hop turn, long pivot, straddle jump, up & over, step lunge offs, pushups, squat off step & overhead press & abduct, lunge off curl add knee pull. Cardio then strength.

These are advanced workouts with easy to follow choreography. As always, Cathe's instruction & cuing are impeccable. Lots of variety and easy to mix & match. I will get a lot of use out of these workouts. Use heavier weights for a strength day & lighter for a cardio day. I received this dvd to review.