The Firm Zip Trainer Cycle 1 REV!

Allie Del Rio, Stephanie Huckabee, Emily Welsch
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This fully customizable dvd contains 3 workouts, 3 warmups, and 3 cooldowns that you can mix & match to create exactly the workout you want. Each workout is 15 min + a 2-3 min warmup & cooldown. You will need the Zip Trainer & dumbbells for this dvd. Each workout features a beginner modifier & some advanced modifications.

Rev! Cardio (Allie): This slightly dancy cardio routine features 4 cardio intervals with 30 second bursts. Exercises include: a step routine on the dome: kicks, rocking horse, & ham curls. Burst: soccer drill holding the core ball, grape vine holding the core ball, back step cross, side lunge abduction. Burst: core ball tap down skaters. A floor routine: V step, march, hip shuffle, squat to ZT toss, ZT to knee pull down, burst: ZT squat & knee raise, and pendulum & kick holding the ZT.

Rev! Sculpt (Stephanie): This S+C routine alternates upper & lower body exercises. Exercises include squat on the dome, rows on dome, lunges to dome, burst: core ball plyo jacks, deadlifts on the dome, vi curl variations on dome, burst: ham curl w/ figure 8's holding the ZT, pushups knees on dome, squat off dome, cardio lunges w/ core ball touch to dome, core ball overhead triceps -side lunge to dome w/ abduction, & power skate holding ZT.

Rev! AMP (Emily): This S+C routine features 8 exercises performed for one minute each with 30 seconds rest in between. Exercises include: low runners lunge on dome & core ball back fly, side lunge ZT up & over, low runners lunge on dome, squat ZT toss up & floor touch, pushup drop down on dome, dead lift & ZT chest push out, pivot lunge -ZT up & over, and plank mogul hop w/ knees to dome.

I rate the cardio intermediate and the sculpt & AMP (as many as possible) high intermediates. All routines provide straight forward choreography. Get the Deluxe kit & use the 7 lb core ball to really get a heart pumping workout. I love the shock absorption of the Zip Trainer as a step and that the system provides 3-12 lbs of resistance. Very functional routines, no dread, provides strength & cardio in a short amount of time, great instruction, and unique & effective exercises. I am very excited about this program and have already used the Zip Trainer with other workouts as a step & for a weighted prop. I received this dvd to review.

(dome - unzipped flat on floor, ZT - zipped Zip Trainer w/ or w/out a core ball, core ball - just the core ball, S+C - strength & cardio, C+S - cardio & strength)



I really liked this dvd!

I admit I had reservations because I tend to favor the sets (such as BSS2 & BSS3) with a mix of types and lenghths of workouts (I prefer 30-50 minute workouts without combining). I think what made this dvd so great for me is that the workouts were all on one dvd - combined for a 50 minute c+s workout (I always include the w/u & c/d when referring to length of the workout).

The cardio, strength, and amp all flow together well, I like that there is not a seperate w/u & c/d within each workout! It felt like a nice continuous flowing workout with 3 master instructors.

My favorite part of Allie's was stepping on the zip trainer. I had major reservations that I would get frustrated with the balance issue with stepping on the zt, but it was very do-able for me.

My favorite part of Stephanie's was when she said "Come on, you're doing this for you!"

My favorite part of Emily's was when she mentioned it was only 15 minutes and to get that in your head!

Today I can feel the effects in my back and core.

Overall - A+