The Firm Zip Trainer Cycle 2 PEAK!

Kelsie Daniels, Alison Davis, Annie Lee Coffey
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This fully customizable dvd contains 3 workouts, 3 warmups, and 3 cooldowns that you can mix & match to create exactly the workout you want. Each workout is 15 min + a 2-3 min warmup & cooldown. You will need the Zip Trainer & dumbbells for this dvd. Each workout features a beginner modifier & some advanced modifications and they work out in an open gym set. (The warmups are the same on both dvds)

Peak! Cardio (Alison): This athletic routine features 4 short bursts performed two times each- the second time around Alison peps it up! Exercises include: squat -lunge & raise the ZT OH, V step around the ZT & lunge, hop a V -pick up ZT & squat, skater core ball touch down & hop over dome, step hop over the dome holding the core ball. Dome step routine: double hop over the dome, knee repeaters, knee kick knee, hitch kicks, burpee moguls, soccer drill and football shuffle & lunge back.

Peak! Sculpt (Kelsie): This S+C routine features a lot of great heavier 4 limb work, 30 second bursts followed by a short recovery. Exercises include: squat -knee up - dip & overhead press off the dome, tri pushups, kick & core ball touch down, deadlifts on the dome & row, curtsy dip & hammer curl, side lunges to the dome w/ kickbacks & lunge & row, hops holding the loaded ZT, balance one leg deadlift, and pushups off the ZT rolling it in & out w/ shins.

Peak! AMP (Annie): This S+C routine features 8 exercises performed for one minute each with 30 seconds rest in between. Exercises include: high knee run holding the ZT down to burpee, pushups row & tri kickbacks, cardio lunges holding the core ball touching it down to the dome, side lunge off the dome w/ a bi curl & knee up, plyo squats holding the ZT, set down ZT walk out plank & arm extensions, dips & torso twist off the dome with front raise, and plank-side plank leg extensions off the dome.

I rate these routines solid intermediates that are easy to modify up or down by using either core ball or none at all. I love the variety of exercises and the unique use of the ZT. These are very functional workouts with no dread factor. Easy to mix & match or do just one when short on time. The ZT is a great tool and definitely adds a nice fun factor to these workouts. Good pace, easy to follow choreo & no wasted time, make these great little workouts. I received this dvd to review.

(dome - unzipped flat on floor, ZT - zipped Zip Trainer w/ or w/out a core ball, core ball - just the core ball, S+C - strength & cardio, C+S - cardio & strength, AMP -as many as possible)