The Firm Zip Trainer Barefoot Abs

Alison Davis
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Abs/Core

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Alison works out in an open gym w/ 2 exercisers, one beginner modifier and one offering some advanced modifications . 30 second bursts are interspersed into the core work in this 15 minute workout. You will need your Zip Trainer & core ball for this routine.

Exercises include: grape vine pulling ZT to knee, burst: ZT burpees, surrenders kneeling on the dome, balance stick on the dome holding the core ball, side thrust burpees, kneeling on dome leaning back & extending the core ball, lying supine on the dome w/ core ball extension, ball pass while sitting on the dome, leg & arm scissors on the dome, bridge w/ feet on ZT, and a final stretch.

I rate this a solid intermediate core routine. Alison provides great instruction and I enjoyed the creative use of the Zip Trainer: under the feet, in the dome position, holding it, standing on it for a balance challenge, kneeling on it and more. I am really excited about this program & am enjoying it even more than I anticipated!!! I received this dvd to review.

(dome - unzipped flat on floor, ZT - zipped Zip Trainer w/ or w/out a core ball, core ball - just the core ball, S+C - strength & cardio, C+S - cardio & strength, AMP -as many as possible)