Dream Body Workout Series: Tabata & Toning

Francie Bradley
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Gliding Disks

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Title: Dream Body Workout Series: Tabata & Toning
Instructor: Francie Bradley
Time: 45 Minutes
Level of Difficulty: Advanced
DVD menu: Play workout
Production quality: high

Equipment used: light weights (2# each), light resistance band, gliding disks
This workout is part of the first Dream Body DVD set, and led by Francie (who also leads Batabarre in the second set). This one, along with Bikini Bootcamp, is the most cardio intense of the set (but hands down the Cardio DVD series is more cardio intense). This one seems more doable to me because of the short (20 second) circuits and the shorter overall time at 45 minutes, instead of an hour.

Francie starts right off with gliding disk burpees, then lunge back and to the side with gliding disks, while doing shoulder raises with the light weights. Repeat on the other leg. Then one leg squats, one leg touch floor and jump up, one leg run back and forth (fun circuit!). Then deep lunge alternated with plank with leg pulses (3x each side). Then inner thighs, plie squat with side lunge/burpee (3x each side). Then to the floor for some more inner thigh and ab work for several minutes (really hits the inner thighs hard!) before standing back up for a second round of cardio tabata. Jumping with big arm movements to target the shoulders (3x each side), and then pick up the band for lunges with tricep presses (slower than faster), then deep squats with more tricep pulses. Final tabata targets the obliques with plie squat jumps into side lean with arm reach overhead (3x each side). Finally after the tabata portion, down to the ground to hit the obliques even more with side crunch variations (with bent then long legs), then with about 5 minutes left, move on to the final stretch, which uses the light resistance band as a stretch aid.

While I donít think this is the hardest of the set, this is still an advanced workout. I love the fusion/barre/pilates vibe while still getting an intense workout where you can really get your heart rate up. Iíve had this set for a couple of years and have enjoyed it even more as I go along. You can really make this workout harder even after frequent use by going deeper, working on your balance, and putting more power into the high impact moves (although the mixed variety is great). Like the other DB workouts, there is a modifier who performs the workout all low impact. I would highly recommend Dream Body workouts to anyone who is more advanced (or seeking to push into advanced workouts) and enjoys fusion style workouts.

Instructor Comments:
I enjoy Frannie as a lead and she seems slightly less hectic than the other instructors. All DB leads are very enthusiastic and motivating for you to push yourself or to modify if needed.

Emily B.