Dream Body Workout Series: Fusion Mix

Darby Brender
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Ballet/Barre, Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Title: Dream Body Workout Series: Fusion Mix
Instructor: Darby Brender
Time: 60 Minutes
Level of Difficulty: Advanced
DVD menu: Play workout
Production quality: high
Equipment used: stability ball, light weights (2# each)

This workout is part of the first Dream Body DVD set, and led by Darby, the founder/owner of the Fusion Fitness studio and method. Fusion Mix is, in my opinion, the toughest of the original DVD series and certainly my favorite! The workout is total body, but there is a strong emphasis on the inner thighs and lower abs, definitely “problem areas” for women.

The first 25 minutes (like all DB workouts, there’s no warm up) uses the stability ball in a circuit format with standing and laying exercises. Exercises include: jumping curtsey lunges with ball overhead, walk into plank pose balance on ball with one leg while raising the other repeatedly, pushups balanced on ball with one leg raised, lunge back with leg on ball and hop with the other leg, squat with ball overhead raising one leg with hop; repeat circuit on the other side. Then, lie on floor face down with ball between ankles for pushups and leg raises, then just leg raises. Then lie face up for several pilates-style ab exercises (leg circles, etc.). This really burns out the inner thighs (the inner thighs are working to hold the ball between the ankles) and the lower abs.

Next 10 minutes or so continues to focus on inner thighs as well as some cardio, abs, and triceps with another long circuit. Exercises include “ballet burpees” with lunge back then bring leg back up and jump, deep plie squats, deep plie squats into a pull through move (difficult to execute), inner thigh leg raises while balanced on other foot, or to the ground to modify, lay on floor face up for some more inner thigh raises while also performing crunches, tricep presses on floor with leg raise, then just tricep presses. Repeat on other side.

Next 10 minutes or so spent on floor, focusing on outer thighs and glutes, and some shoulder work. Start on floor, leg raises while balancing on bottom knee, or to modify body on the ground, elbow plank with knee in, downward dog pushups, one leg down dog while other leg is pulsing in the air, mountain climbers. Repeat on other side.

Final 10 minutes or so spent kneeling for arm work using the 2# weights. Tiny circles, pulses, and presses are used to burn out the shoulders, triceps, and biceps.

Final stretch.

This is a really intense fusion style toning workout for the whole body, but as I mentioned it really hits the inner thighs and lower abs great. While you spend quite a bit of time on the floor, the vigorous exercises at a high rep will help keep your heart rate elevated. While high in intensity, the impact is mixed, you could even make it non impact by following the modifier, and still getting a great workout. Definitely a must-have for any DB fans and definitely advanced. I highly recommend it for advanced exercisers who enjoy fusion style workouts and pilates style abs!

Instructor Comments:
I really like Darby, she is my favorite DB instructor, maybe because I’m so delighted with the program and she is the founder. Like the other instructors, she is very excited and helps push you with quickly spoken words of motivation. She often points out the modifier and what you can do to take things down a notch, but encourages you to push to your max if you are able.

Emily B.