Core and More

Gilad Janklowicz
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Abs/Core

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This DVD is a good mix of traditional ab exercises and Pilates moves. Although I enjoy this work out and I think it works the entire core, I didn't find it to be too challenging. This would be good for a beginner or a low intermediate exerciser.

DVD chapters: Warm Up (11 minutes), Core and More (46 minutes) and Cool Down (6.5 minutes)

Workout: There is a long warm up (11 minutes) which includes squats, twists, shot puts, hammer throws, etc. which is a typical warm up for Gilad. The main work out is all floor work. There are a few stretching breaks in the 46 minute workout. Here is a breakdown of the workout.

bent knee leg circles
arm raises with crunches
crunches with twist
crunches with knee lifts
crunches with one bent leg and one straight leg
crunches with one bent leg and leg lifts
single leg stretch
roll ups with weight
half roll ups with weight
scoop up with leg lifts
bridge with leg lifts
baby cobra/back bends
side leg lift
bent knee leg lifts with weights
leg squares with weights
half rollbacks
half rollbacks with twist

Setting: The DVD is set on a beautiful beach in Hawaii with the ocean in view.

Music: Typical of Gilad's shows, the music is instrumental and is just background music.

Crew: There are 4 people(3 women and Arthur) working out with Gilad who are always demonstrating perfect form.

Equipment Needed: 1 light dumbbell

My only complaint with this work out is that I did not have to struggle to finish the workout the first time. There is no dread factor for me with this workout and I think there is a spot for this in my rotation, but I would have preferred it to put my abs on fire.

Instructor Comments:
Gilad is pleasant and encouraging without being annoying. He cues well and explains proper form in an easy to understand way. I enjoy working out with Gilad.



I'd rate this another solid intermediate by Gilad in that it (1) isn't super advanced like say, Caron's "Hard Core Conditioning v. 1" and (2) beginners might think you're crazy for doing an abs workout that clocks in over an hour.

That said, this isn't just an abs workout (hence, the "more" in the title). There are some yoga and pilates moves. In short, Gilad shows off some of the newer core training moves -- he's still a bit late to this party -- rather than safe standbys like he used to for abs. Some of the moves can be challenging.

You need one dumbbell or a medicine ball. The set is a beach with weird elevated platforms for the exercisers. Gilad is charming and upbeat and he cues well. Quite frankly, I think he looks better with age meaning he has likely made some kind of pact with the devil.

The workout includes but isn't limited to lots of crunches, some standard, some with one leg coming up as well. There is also bridge work, some standard, some with one leg coming up as well. Also expect supermans, some planks, and some outer thigh floor work using the weight.

Gilad seemed to forget chaptering on this series. You get three chapters: the warm up, the workout, and the cool down.

Overall, it's a good video. It could be shorter. For that length I think I was expecting my abs to be on fire, and that did not happen. I wonder a little if -- for the style of video it is -- it is too long for beginners and intermediates but not intense enough for advanced. Then again, I liked it much better my second time through because I needed a lighter tape (coming out of injury), so there is always a place for everything.

Instructor Comments:
It's Gilad. What's not to like?