Perfect Design Series, Level 1, Beginner

Tracy Anderson
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Abs/Core , Lower Body Strength , Upper Body Strength

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A bit about me — I am a high-intermediate/low advanced exerciser in my mid-forties. I just finished Tracy's Metamorphosis Omnicentric series, and decided to try the Perfect Design Series before moving on to Continuity (I need a break from the Meta music!) The first Level of PD seemed a bit easy after Meta Level 9, so I used ankle and wrist weights to increase the challenge.
I like the lying abs section quite a bit (abs seems too short in Meta).
See breakdown below.

Warm up-4:05 mins

Butt/legs on the floor-23:42 mins, 7 different moves
1_Kneel on right leg, left leg lunges/steps to side then pushes back to attitude kick. Right arm on waist, left arm extends to side, then lowers to floor during the kick. 30 reps

2_Quadruped position. Right leg kicks down, then up in attitude with a pointed foot. 30 reps

3_Stay in quadruped position. Drop right knee down at an inverted [3 o'clock] angle, then extend back and up, crossing the body at a high diagonal. Rock forward and back during the move. 30 reps

4_Lie on stomach/front. Spread legs on either side of mat. Lift right leg up and down, then move right leg across to meet left. 26 reps

5_Lie on left side on left elbow and bent left leg. Right knee pushes front and extends back in a kick. Right arm counterbalances leg with hand pushing front and back (using Tracy's "cross-vectors"). 27 reps

6_Bridge up position with bent knees. Extend right leg out to side with a straight leg, then bend knee and cross over left leg with a bent knee (right foot over left knee). This is the most challenging move in the workout—hard on the triceps and abs. 30 reps

7_ A tick-tock move that alternates upright kneeling with an kneeling side plank. Start in kneeling side plank position (kneel on left knee with left arm straight down on floor) Lift right knee into a fire hydrant, then kick out to side. Return to upright kneeling position. 30/29 reps

Abs on the floor-7:28 mins
Standing abs-2:40 mins
Un-weighted arms-2:25 mins
Balance moves w/ arm work + footwork-2:20 mins

Note: in comparison to Meta, it's pretty hard to follow Tracy during the standing abs and arms section—she moves quickly, and it's hard to see exactly how she is moving (back/forward at an angle looks like back/forward to the left/right).

More butt/leg on all fours to "reconnect"-2:50 mins
1_Quadruped position. Lift right leg into fire hydrant, then extend to side.
2_Stay in quadruped. Cross right leg behind left, tapping toe on floor. Extend to side.

Kneeling weightless arms work-1:30 mins
Cool down-2:45 mins

Instructor Comments:
Tracy is more serious here than in Meta. I miss her smiling/enthusiasm, but it's not a deal breaker.

I like that Tracy gives form pointers/verbal cues on both sides (as opposed to Meta, where she only cues the first side). However, I think some of the cues are exactly the same recorded voiceover played twice.

Tracy executes the moves slower in PD than in Meta, which helps me to maintain better form when following her, but is a little bit more boring.

I find it easier to follow the DVD (and all Tracy workouts) by hooking up my laptop to the TV. I can watch the laptop when I'm on all fours, and the TV during the standing sections. I think some people on the general forum have used a tilted hand mirror to see the TV when on all fours—I have tried that as well, but found the mirror a bit small and somewhat finicky to position properly. It would be nice if Tracy would count the reps so that you wouldn't have to look at the TV.