F.I.T. Functional Intensity Training

Tracey Mallett
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Abs/Core , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Lower Body Strength , Total Body Workouts

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This is a tough and fun workout. I love it! There are 3 different segments that you can use separately or as one LONG (75 minute) workout. I always play all so I am not sure whether each segment includes warm-up and cooldown when played on it's own.

The first segment is total body. She says to have two sets of weights, a lighter and a heavier. The heavier set is utilized most in this first workout. I use 3# and 8# and up to 10# on some exercises. There are quite a few reps per exercise so you really feel the burn. A lot of unilateral moves and your balance will be challenged throughout. Most of the moves are combination moves where you are working both upper and lower body together. I get a nice cardio effect here. You do the toning circuit followed by a hiit segment comprised of 4 moves which each get repeated 4 times for 20 seconds maximum effort and 10 seconds rest. Another toning circuit, hiit segment with the same format, then one more toning circuit to conclude the total body segment. The hiit segments are challenging. It is a lot of plyo and moves in plank. The toning segment conclude with core/ab focused work. Tracey likes to work the obliques a lot.

The lower body segment is next and follows the same format. She does work the arms some using light weights here which really ups the intensity. I like the lower body segment a lot and think it would be a good stand-alone workout.

Core segment is last and I am always tired by then! You really use your core throughout the whole workout.

I would call this high intermediate/low advanced. The hiit is tougher than the circuits, but the way they are sandwiched between with minimal recovery really ups the challenge. The hiit has a lot of impact and is advanced. Breaking up the workout would make it more doable.

I recommend. This was an instant favorite for me.

Instructor Comments:
I like Tracey alot in this. She is so natural and I almost feel like she is actually talking to me. She is very motivating in her comments. She knows just when to push.

Melissa P