Sweat Unlimited

Sara Haley
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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This disc contains 5 workouts (from 5 to 44 min) giving you cardio, strength, tabata, core, stretching and more. Sara works out alone or with modifiers in a brick gym. No equipment is required. Each workout is its separately chaptered.

Sweat Extreme (5 min): Curtsy dip adding power, surfer burpees, tri pushups & down dog, plank rock & row, lying heel raises, & side plank hip drops.

Sweat Strength (15 min): Plank series, back extension, kneeling obliques, roll downs, squat rotations adding a hop, standing outer thigh raises, balance stick side lunges, pliet add hop, puhsup & tri dips, side lying tri pushups, bi curls & lat pull downs.

Sweat Box (44 min): 8 Tabata style rounds repeated 4 X each; 20 seconds of cardio, 10 seconds of rest, 20 seconds of floor core and 10 seconds rest. Punch heel clicks, sit ups, power shuffle hooks, V punches, upper cut floor touch, elevator planks, pulse lunges & elbow strikes round house floor touch, bird dog knee pulls, cardio lunge & punch down, push up & arm & leg raise, punch combo w/ tuck jumps, side plank knee pull, hitch kick floor touch, and plank knee pulls. Warmup & cooldown are included.

Sweat Cardio (30 min): This is a 30 minute cardio routine that contains cario drills with a fusion of all sorts of dance- pop, breakdance, and rock.

I rate this an intermediate routine. You can easily add weights to make the toning work more challenging. Also included is a 5 min stretch routine. Easy to mix and match to create your own time frame I like Sara and enjoyed this workout and her instruction style. I received this dvd to review.