Pop Physique Hardcore

Karyn Nesbit
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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I'm not one for workout breakdowns but here are my impressions on this one. I'm an advanced exerciser typically and a (recently enthusiastic) dabbler in barre. I own and love all the more advanced barre workouts out there- P57, The Bar Method Dancer's Body, Ballet Body, Ballet Physique etc. I got this one because it was reputed to be the hardest of the series. If you're looking at it, you're probably already familiar with the quirks, specifically the interesting choice of apparel. What mattered to me was the content. I found it reasonably challenging and pleasant to do. The pace was appropriate and I felt a burn, especially in my shoulders and thighs by the ends of some of the segments. However, I felt that the segments ended just as I would have liked to do a few more repetitions to really get a good burn. I didn't feel pushed to work harder, like I do in some of the workouts I previously mentioned. Also, the form pointers were just ok. I didn't always know how to position my feet and hips, particularly in the foldover portion. I compared it to Pure Barre Pershing Square 2, which I did the following day, and the quality of the instruction was significantly better in Pure Barre. For those reasons, I'd rate this as intermediate. I don't think a beginner would learn good form from this DVD, but I think an advanced exerciser would know how to modify the exercises to make them harder (go deeper, raise heel height, etc.). That said, it was pleasant enough and I'll probably rotate it into my routine occasionally on lighter days.

Instructor Comments:
Karyn's pleasant and upbeat, but not over the top.