Billy's Bootcamp Cardio Live!

Billy Blanks
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Billy leads this cardio & strength workout outside on a beach w/ his backdrop behind a group of exercisers. You will need Billy Bands for this workout.

Cardio kickboxing exercises include: punches, kicks, knee pulls, side toe taps, speed bag, marching, side kicks, core twists, squat thrusts. Band work includes: curls, military press, speed bag, delt raise, kick series, tri kickbacks, and the workout concludes w floor core work and a cool down.

Billy is his normal encouraging self & walks around to motivate others and of course counts down the moves. Shelly is also in this one, sweating w/ the group. I enjoyed this workout and its good for days when you want both strength & cardio work. Short enough to tack another C+S workout to it as this doesnt have quite enough strength work for me to call it a strength day. I did not receive this workout for review.