Kenya Moores Booty Bootcamp

Nikki Veal
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Nikki leads these workouts and Kenya adds some of her “signature moves” throughout. Nikki, Kenya, and 3 background exercisers work out in a spacious studio. You wont need any equipment for these workouts (three 20 minute workouts, a warmup, cooldown, and core workout) but you can easily add ankle weights or dumbbells to up the challenge.

Workout One: Beginner, 20 minutes. Exercises include: stomach lying leg series (heel lifts, donkey style kicks, and rainbow taps), “Booty Pop” by Kenya – cheek squeeze, “Stallion Getty-Up” by Kenya- crouch to table bun squeeze, squats, and dip to knee raise.

Workout Two: Low intermediate, 20 minutes. Exercises include: pike leg raises, donkey kick series, a unique bridge series, bridge side knee drops, squat knee raises, pliet calf raises, elevator squats, “Stallion Kick Backs” –by Kenya, and dip knee raises.
Workout Three: Intermediate, 20 minutes. Exercises include: donkey kick series, plank toe taps, unique bridge work, squat side leg raise, squats, squat pulses, squat –glute pinch- curtsy, and Kenya’s Stallion exercise adding a tap back.
Abs & Cooldown: Low intermediate, 10 min. exercises include: crunches, bicycle, single leg stretch, and supine heel taps.

Also included are a separate warmup (14 min) and cooldown (4 minutes). Nikki is an excellent instructor with a great personality, awesome form pointers, and great cuing. I cant wait for more workouts from her. Each section contains floor work and concludes with a few minutes of standing body weight work. I received this dvd to review.