The Firm: Transfirm Your Body

Allie Del Rio
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Step Aerobics

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Allie leads this 43 min routine with 4 background exercisers in the white brick set. One exerciser provides modifications and you will need your Fanny Lifter (called Body Trainer & TransFirmer as well) and a light set of dumbbells for this workout.

This dvd contains fun floor & step routines, leg press, a tall box routine, a unique double box routine, and light 4 limb box & floor routines. After a warmup, exercises include: march & shuffle, lunge to box w/ clean & press, box toe taps & tri kickbacks, side lunge & row, straddle & bi curl, abduct & tri work, hip bump, tall box climb, and concludes with a nice ab routine (squat & diagonal swing, side knee pulls, boat on step, plank off the box adding knee pulls, and seated oblique work) and a final stretch.

I rate this an intermediate routine that like most FIRMs is easy to modify up or down. Allie does a great job of cuing and adds her own fun flair to this routine. I found this very versatile and it contains some fun & unique routines. Heavy up for a strength day or use light weights for a cardio day. I received this dvd to review.



I LOVE this workout! It uses the Fanny Lifter and light weights. My cardiovascular fitness has decreased recently; I used 5# weights and my heart was really pumping. I will change to 3# until my level goes back up. The workout flows from segment to segment nicely; alternating four limb step aerobics with step aerobics. Each segment was easy to follow and fun. I really liked the length of the workout and the intensity.

Transfirm Your Body reminds me of Super Cardio Sculpt and Calorie Killer - both led by Nancy. It also reminds me of Fat Blasting Cardio led by Lisa but using the FL instead of the Box. Some of the Music in TYB is from FBC.

There were some new ways to use the FL for step including a segment using both steps.

Allie does an excellent job leading and Robyn, Allison, Sue Mi, and Kelsey are wonderful background instructors.

This workout is an A+ for me!