Stride and Strength

Jessica Smith
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Total Body Workouts, Walking Aerobics

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NOTE: This review is for "STRENGTH & STRIDE" -- one of two workouts on Jessica's "WALK ON: STRENGTH & BALANCE" DVD

Jessica is working out with two other exercisers on a bright & sunny marina.

The warm-up includes marches, step-touches, and hamstring curls. Upper body prep includes forward chest presses & overhead presses; lower body prep includes squats and pulses. Then its some quick standing cat/cow stretches (aka flat-back stretches) before the workout.

The workout alternates between strength moves and quick cardio bursts. We grab our weights for the first three moves, which are (1) squats with curls and overhead presses; (2) dead-lifts with uprights rows; and (3) alternating rear lunges. This is followed by a three-minute cardio interval with modifications: (1) march or jog; (2) half-jack or full-jack; and (3) side-steps or side-jumps (aka skaters). (During one of the strength moves, I looked up just in time to see a pelican fly into frame and land on a boat behind the ladies; cool!)

The strength moves in the next sections are (1) plies with forward arm reaches; (2) pulse squats with tricep kickbacks; and (3) bicep curls with side leg lifts. The cardio interval includes march or jog, pulse squats with calf raises or jumps, march with step-taps or hamstring curls, ski hops and side squats, hamstring curls, and return to march.

The next section included the following strength moves: (1) lifting weights overhead, then alternate opposite elbow to opposite knee; (2) alternating bow & arrow arms; and (3) lifting knees while pressing arms behind hips/buns; as well as the following cardio moves: march, march to corners of room, march or jog with overhead arm reaches, march w/punches, speedbag arms, knee lifts w/arm pulls, and back to marching.

Next up are heel digs; we lean back to work our abs as well, then add arms. This is followed by toe lifts to work our shins. Finally, a nice stretch!

I liked the look and feel of this workout, although it was more of a strength interval workout than a cardio workout. I popped this in on a cold January morning when we were having record low temperatures, so when Jessica said were sending you some sunshine right now! I just broke out into a great big grin! Jessica is such an encouraging instructor; she seems to really want you to succeed!

Debbie J