Fusion Floor Workout

Ellen Barrett
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Ellen works out w/ 2 backgrounders in this chaptered 46 min floor strengthening & lengthening workout. You wont need any equipment and they do not wear shoes in this workout. One exerciser performs modifications and the set is a nice ballet type studio.

Exercises include 1 arm side saddle pushups, reverse plank, modified side plank with leg circles & leg raises, side plank to 1/2 camel, cat cow stretch w/ knee pull, plank knee pulls, plank-pushup-knee pulls, 1 leg bridge & crunch, reverse crunch, & single length stretch. The warmup is built into the workout and it concludes with a cooldown & stretch.



As the name suggests, the entire workout is done on the floor, no standing required, and Ellen gives good form pointers throughout the workout, telling you to “keep your shoulders stacked” while in modified plank pose, and to “press down on the balls of your fingers, not your palm” to help prevent wrist strain and/or injury.

Part One begins in a seated position, taking deep breaths while sweeping arms overhead, then leaning forward with outstretched arms and backward with toes touching floor; option to change “toes touches” into “feet lifted up into boat position.” We move next into a seated “pretzel” position and press one hand down beside us for side pushups (makes me think of “mermaid” pushups), bending the elbow to lift and lower the torso. Then we do what Ellen calls a “side saddle stretch” (this is definitely a mermaid stretch), pushing off from one side to the other, arms overhead in a flowing motion. Next we extend one leg and move our torsos in a circular fashion; option is to extend both legs. Then we alternate a “backstroke” arm move and, with both hands planted behind our back, we lift our pelvises forward (option to change this into a reverse plank.) Everything is repeated on the other side.

Part Two begins in a kneeling position; place one hand on the floor beside you and lift & lower torso to the floor while lifting/pointing top leg parallel to the floor and floating opposite arm overhead and away from the top leg; this modified side plank is repeated several times. While holding in side plank position, first lift and lower the extended leg, then circle the extended leg, and finally kick the extended leg; do each of these several times. Cat/cow is next move, following by moving cat/cow (bringing knee to nose) with the option to move into plank position. Lower torso down to floor (chaturanga), then lift chest to look over right shoulder, then left shoulder (mini cobras.) Next is a “little piece of heaven” which flows from plank pose to child’s pose, with an option to change the plank pose to a downward dog pose. Finally, release into child’s pose, then rest on knees and do “figure 8’s” with your hands to relieve any wrist tension. Repeat everything on the other side.

Part Three begins with everyone lying on their backs; I’m thinking this is gonna be my favorite part, but no! We’re just gearing up for some serious abdominal work: It’s upper body crunches, lower body crunches, torso twists, scissor legs, etc., then (again!) everything is repeated on the other side. We return to seated position for some spinal flexion moves; these are feeling pretty good right about now! Sitting up straight, we bring the soles of our feet together, knees pointed at opposite walls, for butterfly stretches; then seated spinal twists flow into pigeon pose (first one side, then the other.) Finally, we return to a seated position and reach arms overhead for a great torso stretch, clasp hands together and extend forward for a nice back stretch, then join hands behind the back and pull shoulders back for a delicious chest stretch. A few final deep breaths, and we’re all done!

Debbie J