Slim Sexy Strong

Holly Perkins
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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This DVD workout is chaptered as follows: Total Body (20 min); Abs (10 min); Arms (10 min); Legs (10 min); and Play All (60 min). There is no warm-up; she tells you to make sure you’ve warmed up before doing the workout. That’s a bit a bummer; I like one DVD to cover everything. Here is a breakdown of each section:

TOTAL BODY begins with kettlebell swings using a single dumbbell; yippee, those are fun! Then we grab the other dumbbell for Arnold presses (pushing arms overhead and bring them back in front of chest) followed by upright rows. Then, using one dumbbell, we squat to the floor (keeping chest lifted) and touch the bell to the floor; then we stand and push the bell overhead in a clean & press motion. Repeat all the moves, with the clean & press on the other side. Take a “break” (HA-HA) with a 45-second burst of cardio squats.

The next section begins with a twisting lunge motion; face the side wall with both feet pointed toward side wall, then lift the front foot and lunge toward the front wall, ending with front foot facing front wall and back foot still facing side wall. This one bothered my knee, so I just did straight front lunges. Next up was bicep curls, followed by the twisting lunge on the other side, and tricep French presses. Another cardio “break” was followed by the twisting lunge move on one side (AGAIN?), bicep curls, twisting lunge on the other side, and tricep French presses. The next cardio move was “side runners” (skaters); Holly said to make sure we had shoes with proper lateral support “or a training shoe like ours.”

Next up was “four-split squat-holds” (static lunges) on one side with overhead presses, followed by scissor legs, then the static lunges/overhead presses on the other side. This was followed by a cardio “break” of “mountain jumpers” (but she didn’t fool me: I know – and hate! – a burpee when I see one!) Then it was to the mat for one minute of bicycle legs, then bringing knees to chest and relaxing for a moment before moving into seated butterfly and chest stretch.

ABS begins with standing side stretches (lateral flexion), and ends with floor work, including crunches, side crunches, pikes, and planks

LEGS included such standards as squats, plie squats, and leg lifts (which worked on my balance as well.)

ARMS began with standing bicep curls, delt raises, reverse chest flies, and shoulder & tricep work; then moved to the floor for push-ups (and push-up variations), and kneeling concentration curls.

I think New Balance shoes sponsored this workout; Holly mentioned several times that we should get a good pair of athletic shoes like hers.

Instructor Comments:
Holly is an effective, no-nonsense instructor.

Debbie J