Advocare Can You 24: Melt One

Jenny Donnelly
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Jenny leads this 24 min cardio w/o in a small brick gym with 2 backgrounders. Each exerciser performs a different intensity and their exercise durations are shorter or longer (beginner shorter duration, advanced longer). There is a countdown timer and an exercise tracker on screen. You will not need any equipment for this workout.

Two rounds of twelve exercises are performed twice with a one min break in between. After a warmup, exercises include: moguls, jab-cross, lunges, chop & hammer hops, frog hop jacks, push up knee pulls, modified Mt. climbers, fast feet, walk out burpee- punch, jump shot and concludes with a cooldown & stretch.

This workout is truly customizable to your intensity level- you choose the intensity and duration of each exercise. Following the advanced exerciser I got a high intermediate workout –but the athletic exercises are very easy to modify up or down to suit the needs of all exercises. Jenny is a great instructor with a nice demeanor & provides excellent form pointers and some motivation. Cant wait to try the rest of the set!