Dream Body Workout Series: Barre

Sadie Durbin
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Title: Dream Body Workout Series: Barre
Instructor: Sadie Durbin
Time: 50 Minutes
Level of Difficulty: Advanced
DVD menu: Play workout
Production quality: high
Equipment used: light weights (2# each), playground ball, light resistance band

This workout is part of the first Dream Body DVD set, and led by Sadie (who also leads InTENse in the second set). Out of the five DVDs in the set, this one is the most upper body focused (although like all Dream Body workouts is still an intense total body workout), and at 50 minutes is one of the shorter workouts.

The first half of the workout is an intense upper body circuit using the light weights and the light resistance bands, standing and in plank pose. Starting with the light weights, side lunge with extended arms to work the obliques, a series of arm circles and arm raises with plie squat variations, to floor downward dog with leg back into a low front lunge with pushups, mountain climbers, stand and grab band for a series of shoulder raises with lunges (work one arm with band while holding the other arm up with the light weight – tough!), then back to floor for tricep pushups and plank lunge jumps. Then repeat all of this on the other arm/side.

The second half of the workout is at the barre, toning primarily the legs and obliques, and the “love handle” area. Hold the barre and hold weight in the other hand and do various arm/leg pulses working the outer thigh and shoulders. Then drop the weight and grab the ball, ball between knees for a series of pulses to work the inner thigh, then pulses with leg to the back to work the inner thigh/glute.

The workout finishes with a very brief (but effective!) ab workout with the playground ball below the lower back and some long leg scissors and leg lifts, really targeting the lower abs. Finish with a short stretch.

This workout is probably the least intense of the Dream Body workouts in this set, but it is by no means easy. The upper body circuit really gets and keeps your heart rate up, by the time you get to the barre (which is a little less intense than the arm circuit, but still quite intense when compared to other barre workouts) your heart rate stays up. The barre work reminded me a lot of Booty Barre with the long legs and fast reps.

This is another must-have for any DB fans. A little less intense than the others in the set but you still get a solid workout, and I would still consider it advanced. Awesome fusion style workout with barre and pilates style abs!

Instructor Comments:
Sadie, like the other Dream Body leads, is very enthusiastic and motivates you to keep going and push through the set. She counts down for a lot of the exercises which I found to be quite motivating. She gave out good form pointers and her chattiness was to push you through the set rather than off topic.

Emily B.


Sadie leads this 49 min barre & cardio workout in a small studio with 2 backgrounders. Each exerciser performs a different intensity level. You will need a pair of light dumbbells, a resistance band, a small playground ball, and a chair or barre for this workout.

You start right in with: pliet calf raises with upper body toning, weighted pliet jacks, plank leg raise pushups, Mt. climbers, band dip & front/ lat raise, tri pushups, plank gorilla hops, chataranga hold. Barre work includes: curtsy glute pinches, attitude leg circles outer thigh & oblique pinches, inner thigh ball squeezes, standing leg circles, and concludes with floor core using the playground ball before a seated stretch.

This is an advanced workout that is a nonstop muscle burner with some nice cardio intensifiers. Very easy to modify to suit your needs so great for most all exercisers. Sadie does a great job of keeping all muscles engaged, she is a great instructor that provides constant form reminders & cuing. Unique combo of ballet, toning, and cardio. I received this dvd to review.