Dream Body Workout Series: Barre

Sadie Durbin
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Sadie leads this 49 min barre & cardio workout in a small studio with 2 backgrounders. Each exerciser performs a different intensity level. You will need a pair of light dumbbells, a resistance band, a small playground ball, and a chair or barre for this workout.

You start right in with: pliet calf raises with upper body toning, weighted pliet jacks, plank leg raise pushups, Mt. climbers, band dip & front/ lat raise, tri pushups, plank gorilla hops, chataranga hold. Barre work includes: curtsy glute pinches, attitude leg circles outer thigh & oblique pinches, inner thigh ball squeezes, standing leg circles, and concludes with floor core using the playground ball before a seated stretch.

This is an advanced workout that is a nonstop muscle burner with some nice cardio intensifiers. Very easy to modify to suit your needs so great for most all exercisers. Sadie does a great job of keeping all muscles engaged, she is a great instructor that provides constant form reminders & cuing. Unique combo of ballet, toning, and cardio. I received this dvd to review.