Sweat - Total Body Burn

Jen Edwards
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

First, let's define a couple of terms. This workout is comprised of three CIRCUITS. In this workout, a circuit is a set of 10 intervals that you do all the way through as a unit. So, when you read that this workout is comprised of three circuits, you go through those 10 intervals three times. An INTERVAL is a segment that you do for a period of time, so they are measured by time and not number of reps. These intervals are either toning moves that you do for a period of time or cardio moves that you do for a period of time. And, she alternates them. So, you do a circuit of alternating strength and cardio intervlas for a certain period of time and then repeat them. The amount of time you spend doing the intervals decreases as you go through the workout and the DVD menu is laid out like this:

Play All
Circuit #1-Warm-up & 60 Second Intervals
Circuit #2-Cardio Core Segment & 45 Second Intervals
Circuit #3-Cardio Core Segment & 30 Second Intervals
Core Cool-Down & Stretch

Jen leads this workout with two background exercisers and they are okay. Both of them demonstrate not-so-great form at times and other times they are fine. One of them serves as the modifier. It's nice having a modifier and she does give some decent modifications, although much of the time she just the moves a little slower and it's hard to tell how she is modifying. There were comments about the seemingly manic smile by that modifier in the clips posted before the workout was released. I did not notice that as much when I was working out as I did sitting in a chair watching the clip. I did notice her smile at times, but I was busy getting the workout done. But then, stuff like that doesn't bother me too much.

I was impressed that this was Jen's first video workout and thought she does a really good job in this workout. She is encouraging and pushes me to put more effort in that I feel like at the time; she is descriptive of what she wants and gives pretty good cues; she mirror cues; she seemed fairly polished to me for this being that first video workout.

The set is open and pretty light with a brick wall behind the exercisers. Don't ask me about the music. I don't remember a thing about it.

For me, the workout flows and goes by quickly. It really does help me that each circuit is less time than the one before. She repeats the circuit twice and then in the third round she changes some of the moves to focus on and burn out the legs. For me, this keeps the workout going and makes it less repetetive. Of course, I exercise first thing in the morning when my brain power has not yet ramped up, so take that for what it's worth.

Collage ranks this as an intermediate workout and I agree with that assessment. I make the workout a bit easier for myself by doing the low-impact version. This is due to bad knees and hands. There are two moves that require you to support body weight on the hands and I just don't do them. Instead of Mountain climbers, I do standing knee ups with a pull down with the arms. This is on my own - the modifier just does the mountain climbers slower than the other two exercisers. Instead of the plank row, I do standing rows (following the modifier). The first time I did this workout, I started with 8-pound weights and dropped to 5 pounds. Using the lighter weights lets me stay with the workout longer. I would suggest you start out with "light weights", whatever that is for you. You can always increase them later. To me, this workout is a cardio workout. The toning segments seem like cardio moves with a toning effect mostly, so it does not seem like a classic circuit workout, but more of an interval workout

I like this workout a lot. It flies by for me and I sweat bullets while I enjoy the workout. It is not a workout that I feel like I already have in my workout collection. For me, it's a keeper.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Jen as an instructor.

Laura S.


I received this workout as a few preview, and boy, was it fun! This energetic circuit workout consists of the warm-up, three circuits (10 intervals, repeated each circuit), and the cool-down. Jen leads two background exercisers through the workout; one does modifications. The workout breakdown is as follows:

CIRCUIT #1 (each interval is 60 seconds long):

Interval #1: Side leg lifts (the modifier’s variation looks like a hamstring curl)
Interval #2: Alternating curtsey lunges with overhead presses
Interval #3: Mountain climbers on the floor *
Interval #4: Plies with an upright row and alternating torso twist
Interval #5: Repeater knees on one side, then the other
Interval #6: Squats with bicep curls
Interval #7: Kick and rear lunge one side, then the other
Interval #8: Plank with rows *
Interval #9: Squat jumps
Interval #10: Deadlifts with upright rows

RECOVERY #1: toe taps to one side, side leg lifts, return to center, repeat on other side; wide leg stance with torso twist; march in place

CIRCUIT #2: Repeat all 10 intervals (each interval is 45 seconds long)

RECOVERY #2: Knee lifts to one side for standing side crunches; alternate front jab punches; repeat side crunches on other side; repeat front jab punches; march in place

CIRCUIT #3: Repeat all 10 intervals (each interval is 30 seconds long)


Each circuit seemed more fun than the previous – I’m not sure if that’s because I knew what to expect or because the intervals were shorter, LOL!

* As an “experienced” exerciser, I am totally open to modifying any move that doesn’t “work” for me! I modified two of the intervals in this workout (the mountain climbers and the planks with rows) for the simple reason that I don’t like doing standing/floor/standing work -- so basically I did the same move, only from a standing position. Works for me!

Instructor Comments:
Jen is very enthusiastic and very motivating.

Debbie J