Sweat - More!

Jen Edwards
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

First, let's talk about the structure of this workout. This workout is comprised of five SEGMENTS. Each segment is comprised of three EXERCISES. The first exercise in the segment is always a high-impact cardio move (and the modifier shows a lower-impact version) and the second and third are compound strength movements that utilize a (one) dumbbell. The point of doing compound strength moves at a fast pace is to get your heart rate up, so I consider this workout more of an interval workout than anything else because it varies your heart rate more than doing significant strength work. I went pretty light with the dumbbell, but you could vary the weight depending on the move. You do the three exercises for one minute each and then for 45 seconds each and then for 30 seconds each. That comprises the one segment and then you move onto the next segment. The amount of time you spend doing the exercises decreases as you go through each segment and then you start over with the next segment. The DVD menu is laid out like this:

Play All
Segment 1-Hook Jack, Side Lunge, Back Row & Glute Squeeze
Segment 2-Basketball Drill, Quick Feet, Lunge & Twist
Segment 3-Jack & Punch, Squat & Swing, Triceps Head Banger
Segment 4-Speed Skater, Around the Clock, Diagonal Knee & Shoulder Press
Segment 5-Jump Rope, Shuffle, Diagonal Squat & Kick
Core Cool-Down & Stretch

There is a warm up before Segment 1; it just isn't broken out on the menu. This workout ends with a core cool down consisting of some rotations with a weight and side bends with a weight. And, it ends with a short stretch.

Jen leads this workout with two background exercisers and they are okay. Both of them demonstrate not-so-great form at times and other times they are fine. One of them serves as the modifier. It's nice having a modifier and she does give some decent modifications. There were comments about the seemingly manic smile by that modifier in the clips posted before the workout was released. I did not notice that as much when I was working out as I did sitting in a chair watching the clip. I did notice her smile at times, but I was busy getting the workout done. But then, stuff like that doesn't bother me too much.

I was impressed that this was one of Jen's first video workout and thought she does a really good job in this workout. She is encouraging and pushes me to put more effort in that I feel like at the time; she is descriptive of what she wants and gives pretty good cues; she mirror cues; she seemed fairly polished to me for this being that first video workout.

The set is open and pretty light with a brick wall behind the exercisers. Don't ask me about the music. I don't remember a thing about it.

I like this workout less than her other workout, Sweat Total Body, and I'm not sure why. I didn't get into the moves as much or something. I just clicked with the other one more. But, I think it's a well-constructed workout that made me sweat a LOT. Many exercisers will be able to use this workout for them by varying the weight used and/or using the level of impact that gives them the workout they want.

Instructor Comments:
I really like her. She is motivating to do as much as you can.

Laura S.


I received this workout as a few preview and I had a blast doing it! This high-energy workout consists of the warm-up, five circuits, and the cool-down. Each circuit consists of three parts (one cardio and two weight/toning exercises) and each is done three times (#1 at 60 seconds, #2 at 45 seconds, and #3 at 30 seconds.) Jen said to make the shorter sections faster Ė but the beat didnít get any faster, so I was content to keep pace to the music. The workout breaks down as follows:

Circuit 1
(1) Hooks with jacks (modified version = half jacks)
(2) Side lunge with row (first one side, then the other side)
(3) Rear leg lifts with row

Circuit 2
(1) Basketball hoops (slide step to one side, jump, slide back, jump)
(2) Fast feet with one heavy dumbbell pushed away and pulled back toward chest
(3) Rear lunge then twist one direction; repeat other side

Circuit 3
(1) Jacks with overhead punches
(2) Kettlebell swings with dumbbell
(3) Tricep French press with alternating side leg lifts

Circuit 4
(1) Speed skater
(2) Plie squats while circling weight overhead on one direction, then the other
(3) Diagonal knee reach, then overhead press

Circuit 5
(1) Jump rope
(2) Shuffle with weight
(3) Squat, reach to floor, lift weight overhead

This workout had good, energetic music and a motivating instructor -- a crisp, athlete workout with nothing overly complex (hurrah!), but the intensity level was still through the roof. Like any good workout, you can make this as hard or easy as you want (using heavier weights, jumping higher, etc.)

Instructor Comments:
Jen seems very genuine and is very motivating.

Debbie J