Jennifer Galardi
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Yoga

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I'm fairly new to yoga and since I loved Jennifer's Yoga in 10, I thought I'd try this one out.

Flowetry is a 90 minute, intermediate workout divided into 7 segments (you will only need a mat):

Warm Up (7 min)
Chair Series (7.5 min)
Lunge Series (6.5 min)
Core Series (7.5 min)
Warrior Series (16 min)
Flowetry (11 min)
Stretch & Relax (25 min)

Jennifer is alone in this workout in a plain white room with some purple in the background. The title of each segment will appear on the screen, as well as Jennifer announcing which segment you are doing, so you always know where you are at in the workout. She leads the workout by voice over.

You have the option to play all or customize your workout, where you can pick and choose which sections you would like to do. I really like that option, especially for the days where I don't want to do the full 90 minutes! Although the actual workout, including the warm up, is only around an hour. The remain 25 minutes is a very thorough and relaxing stretch.

If you select Play All, the workout will begin with a short introduction from Jennifer about the workout, followed by the tutorial. In the tutorial, which lasts around 13 minutes, she takes you through each move to show you proper form. This section is fantastic for anyone new to yoga, or if you just need a refresher. Her instructions are very thorough and informative so that you can perform each move safely.

Jennifer performs various poses & moves such as: chair pose with side twists, downward dog, vinyasa, chaturanga, low lunges, warrior I & II, reverse warrior, side planks, knee to nose, rib cage isolation's, and more.

*Note: the Flowetry segment takes all the moves you build upon in the previous four segments and puts them all together into one long, flowing workout.

The Stretch & Relax segment was 25 minutes of pure relaxation bliss! The poses are slowed down and held a bit longer to really get a deep stretch in the muscles.

Overall I really liked this workout. I really felt these moves in my lower body and core. My legs were shaking during the lunge & warrior segments and my core really got worked with all the side reaches, rib cage work, side planks and the flow from extended side angle to reverse warrior! This required quite a bit of total body strength throughout, while also stretching out the muscles.

A few minor issues though. This was marketed as a dance type yoga workout: "the strength of yoga meets the beauty & grace of dance", but it really had nothing to do with dance. Also, the poses are not held for very long but rather "flowed" from one to the next; hence the name and maybe the dance analogy? Also, the music was a bit too peppy for my liking. I prefer more relaxing music while doing yoga, but I still enjoyed the workout.

I will definitely still be reaching for this one though! It was a challenging, thorough workout that gets major points for including a tutorial of the moves, as well as the option to customize!

Instructor Comments:
Jen has great cueing, reminds you to breath and has a calm, soothing voice via voice over.