Hoopnotica: Hoopdance Basics & Workout

Year Released: 2008

Categories: Bellydance

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This instructional dvd teaches all the introductory hoop dancing moves in a very well laid out format. The majority of the sections are done indoors but some scenes show a nice outdoor setting with a group. The dvd is chaptered so you can really focus on mastering each new move. There is a slight learning curve so the instructor encourages you to keep trying. The dvd is voice over and you can choose English or French language options.

The Hoop Dance Moves taught in this dvd are: Foward Stance Waist Hooping, Side Stance Waist Hooping, 360 Spin, Walking- Forward, Backward, & Side to Side, Compass Turn & 180 Turn, Hip Hooping, Halo, Prayer Position, Halo Hand Off, Passing, Floating, and 1st & 2nd Hand Corkscrews.

This is a purely instructional dvd that is intermediate in terms of ease of use. The instruction is clear and the instructor shows you how to do each move and also provides common mistakes and how to correct them. This is a great way to get started in hoop dancing. Have fun, get fit and whittle that waist in a whole new way! I cant wait to try other Hoopnotica dvds. Such a fun & unique way to get a workout in. I received this dvd to review.



Here are my thoughts on Hoopnotica Basics Beginner Level 1.

The Hoop- the hoop is light, but heavier than a regular children's toy store hoop. I have the travel hoop. It can be taken apart for travel and put back together. It appears to be sturdy enough to endure a reasonable amount of time/workouts. I would not suggest using this hoop on concrete. If you drop the hoop a lot (as I was doing) there are soft decorative points on the hoop (the pink part- mine is pink & gold) that can be scrapped up damaging/disfiguring the hoop. FYI- I did the workout in my basement on a rubber mat. You are recommended to give your self 8 ft of space in each direction to do the hooping and overhead moves (I won't be able to master the overhead moves until I can go outside and practice as my ceiling the basement is too low.).

The disc menu- The first menu has several choices, I can't remember all of them at this time but it was something like Introduction, Getting Started, Chapters, etc. There were about 6. I reviewed the first three or so- those that I named above. The second menu has the various workouts- Wasit Hooping; Hip Hooping; Halos; Passing & floating; Basic Corkscrews; Performance Demo.

Workout- I did Waist Hooping. The instructor is a pleasant enough female. Not sure if the one doing the voice instruction is the one doing the hooping. The initial introduction states that there are two instructors, Raina & Keaton. Keaton does the troubleshooting in the end of each section. I don't remember who is who. The person demonstrating the moves makes hooping seems effortless. B/w the demonstration and voice instruction one gets a really good understanding of what needs to be done. I was having trouble keeping the hoop up at first. I paused the dvd and kept trying. When I finally kept practicing w/the instructor, trying the various moves (changing foot stances, arm positions, etc) I got to the troubleshooting sections. These suggestions were very helpful to me in keeping the hoop up longer. I needed more exaggerated moves and faster pelvic rotation. This will take a lot of practice!! But it was fun. I was sweating, esp. after I started exaggerating my moves to keep the hoop up. I was sweating b/f from squating to pick the hoop off the floor. I can see how this will really widdle your waist, tucking pelvis in and doing the rotations. This was great for this morning. The workout was not too vigorous and was perfect for the fact that I still have much congestion from my sinusitus. I did the workout for about 40 min. The actual Chapter is only 15 min. but I paused to practice. I would recommend this workout as a fun alternative to other ab workouts or having fun while you move.

Hope this is helpful!!



Hoopnotica Hoopdance:

This dvd provides a comprehensive lesson on how to use the large hoop. You'll learn waist hooping, hip hooping, halos, passing & floating, basic corkscrews and simple combinations. If you've never hooped before, you'll benefit from the easy to follow lessons and form pointers. (trouble shooting section keys in on common errors)
Though the dvd does not contain an actual "workout", it does provide a gentle warmup stretch before moving into the lessons. It also contains a beautiful, fun to watch, performance demo.

This dvd offers additional instructions on more advanced poses. They have added a cardio warmup before demonstrating the new poses. The advanced moves include additional corkscrews, chest hooping, neck & shoulder hooping, angles, thigh hooping and dancing in the hoop. (very thorough instructions)
A 20 minute actual workout is included. Rayna leads while Pamela demonstrates more intense options and Gabriella keeps everything basic. The workout is shot outside. You'll begin with a few gentle stretches and move into waist hooping. Rayna will tell you ahead of time the combination you'll be moving into. She also incorporates traditional moves such as plies, lunges, step touches and grapevines.
The music and dance movements really engage you to move. (and all the while you'll be toning the midsection, legs and shoulders) Rayna varies the speed of the hoop spins and creates neat little combo's. Rayna is encouraging, often advising you to reset if necessary.
This is a gentle, non impact cardio workout that builds core strength. With practice, you'll master the movements and have found a unique new way to workout!

Instructor Comments:
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