Herbalife 24fit: Phase 1, Shoulder Stabilization

Tom Holland
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Total Body Workouts

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I don't have the entire Herbalife 24fit set, but I had heard good things about the stabilization workouts (this one and the Spine & Pelvis Stabilization), and I was able to try them on loan. Shoulder Stabilization is the second disc of Phase 1, and it features Tom Holland as the instructor. The Main Menu offers the following options 1) Stretching, 2) Stabilization, and 3) Herbalife Products.

Although the stretches are the exact same exercises included on the first disc, Tom moves MUCH more quickly through them--i.e., this section is about 6.5 minutes, but on the Spine & Pelvis Stabilization, it's THREE TIME that (about 19 minutes). The order is slightly different, as Tom begins on the floor for press-ups, lying stretch, pelvic twist, pretzel stretch, inner thigh, and quad stretches. He moves on to cat, lat stretch, hip flexor lunge, hamstring stretch, and finally, stands for neck, shoulder, chest, lat, triceps, and wrist stretches.

The stabilization workout itself begins with four standing shoulder exercises. Tom and his three backgrounders are use 5-lb. weights, and they do two sets of each exercise. The moves are shoulder push backs, shoulder abductions, shoulder front raises, and shoulder side raises. Tom then moves on to exercises for these surrounding muscles. These including a supinated alternating biceps curl, lying triceps skull crushers, lying internal rotation (2 dumbbells), side lying external rotation (1 dumbbell), and plank with protraction/retraction. The workout concludes with two sets of 15 push-ups and a brief seated stretch, bringing it in at about 31.5 minutes.

I didn't get much from this other than a light upper body workout. There are some good moves here, but I would rather use a program like Denise Beatty's Fitness Fix. However, perhaps as part of the entire Herbalife 24fit package, this disc would seem more useful.

Instructor Comments:
Tom is okay as an instructor. One thing I didn't like, however, is how he kept referring back to "Bob"--that is, Bob Forester, PT, the creator of the Herbalife 24fit program. However, Tom's constant chatter about Bob made him sound like some kind of idol.

Beth C (aka toaster)