Aerobox System of Sleek

Michael Olajide
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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The System includes 4 DVDs.

The first: Basics and Drills –
A single workout, in three sections: boxing drills, jumping drills and sculpting. The disk includes 3 premixes: Box and Sculpt, Jump and Sculpt and the entire workout (Box, Sculpt and Jump). Exercises are done at three speeds: demo speed, exercise speed and fight speed. On the boxing section demo speed is done at half time. The speed is slow enough for the novice to develop good form on the punches. Exercise speed is the speed of punching in most workouts. Fight speed is done at twice the speed, and provides a good aerobic challenge that is upper body based. In the rope jumping section: jumping is at exercise speed – i.e. normal pace and fight speed – which is as fast as you can jump.

The second: Pro and Max
The Pro workout clocks in at about 46 minutes and is a circuit interval training workout consisting of rounds that combine punching, sculpting (upper and lower body), and jumping. It builds on the basics from the first disc and combines them in different ways. The lower body exercises are squat focused, and there is a very challenging single leg squat move.
The Max workout clocks in at about 56 minutes and is a circuit interval training workout consisting of rounds that combine punching, sculpting and jumping. It is more challenging than the Pro workout, and really ups the aerobic and sculpting challenge. The sculpting section includes push-ups done a very fast pace. Although I do not generally like workouts that have you up and down from the ground, the placement of pushups in this workout are well placed and do not feel like an imposition.
Each of the workouts is individually excellent and I could see each being released as a single retail workout in the normal price range of $15 to $20.

The third: Abs, Core and More; Long and Lean
Abs, Core and More contains unique and challenging exercises for the core. It has both standing and lying core moves, including challenging variations on planks.

The fourth: Express and Burn:
Express: 20 minutes of upper body punching. I have only made it through about 8 minutes and it is truly a challenging workout. The cues are minimal in this workout, and I dislike remembering combos. However, given that the entire workout goes at fight speed, it is understandable that this would be difficult to continuously cue. It would be good for those who do better at remembering combos than I am. However, like everything else in the workout, the combos are simple.
Burn: A ten minute workout with about 6- 7 minutes of continuous jumping – including different jumping speeds and jumping techniques.

Simple Combos: The level of choreography is pretty basic. It is ideally suited for those who like simply choreographed athletic workouts. Those who like complex punching sequences will find the punching combos to be less than inspiring. Except for the Express workout, the combos are short: generally no more than 4 punches in succession and up to 8 punches in succession in parts of the Max workout. The Express workout is at a different level, however. The option to use 1 lb weights (I use weighted boxing gloves) ups the intensity significant and makes the workout more aerobic.

The jumping sections use a jump rope and provide some variety with the inclusion of 1-legged jump (which I am not yet strong enough to do), double turns, crossovers etc. I don’t have enough room in my workout area for a rope, so I do the entire workout without, but it is still challenging.
Level: I would describe the level as intermediate with the Max workout as intermediate/advanced. Despite the challenging jumping combos, advanced exercises, especially those accustomed to hour-long continuous high-impact work may find this set too easy. The punching section, especially if done without weights, is easily accessible to beginners. The jumping section will take longer to master, but beginners can do what I still do –walk until I can start jumping again.

Overall Assessment: I really like this set. It is effective and under appreciated in the market. It is a welcome change to those who want a challenging, straightforward workout. And I should mention, there are no mountain climbers! And no burpees!