Fusion Mix

Darby Brender
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Darby leads this 59 min ballet- toning- cardio fusion w/o in a small studio. w/ 2 backgounders, each performing a different intensity level. You will need light dumbbells and a stability ball (one exerciser shows no ball options). They work out barefoot though I wore shoes.

Exercises include: curtsy hops w/ ball oblique pulls, pushups w/ one leg on ball, plank toe taps off the ball, one leg on the ball weighted lunges & hop ups, standing ab series using the ball, squat hop & kick w/ ball extended overhead, pushups & tri pushup variations, lying on stomach w/ ball between legs –glute lifts, standing leg circles, 1 leg on ball bridges, supine inner thigh circles w/ ball between legs, weighted floor core work using the ball, weighted runners lunge & hop up, frog pliet pulses, lo pliet leg swing throughs, side plank inner thigh raises, floor core & inner thigh work, kneeling upper body work, mt. climbers, plank knee pulls, and concludes with a stretch

This is a real muscle burner- my inner thighs, buns, & core were on fire by the end- for that reason I rate this advanced (I used 8# weights). The pace is fast and there is very little down time but I didn’t feel rushed- worked yes, but not rushed! Lots of unique exercise combos and Darcy provides tons of great form pointers. Great energy and a real high energy workout! I received this dvd to review.



Fusion Mix is a 60 minute, non-stop, high rep, low/body weight, head to toe toning workout with a cardio component. There are no breaks built in, but you can take your own when needed. I'm normally daunted by advanced workouts that move too quickly for my fitness level (or desire, ha!) but I like these so much that I'm able to go at my own pace and still not only enjoy it, but also get a great workout regardless of whether or not I miss a rep (or two or three) here or there.

You will need a stability ball, light hand weights (1-2lbs), and a mat. There is a modifier that does not use the stability ball, so don't worry if you don't have one. I did this workout the first few times without one and I still got a great workout. Someone on VF suggested a pilates ring in place of the ball and since I had one of those, I now use that and it works great (though you can't use it for some of the moves when you're on the ball).

There is no warm up; you jump right into the workout using the stability ball. The stability ball segment lasts 23:30 minutes. During that time, you're doing various moves to work the lower body, abs and arms such as: side to side curtsy lunges while holding the stability ball overhead (again, if you don't have one, just holding your arms up really gets the heart rate going and arms burning); plank work with legs on the ball which includes lifting and lowering the legs off the ball as well as push-ups with legs on the ball; a one-legged dead lift type move with one leg on the ball; squats with a front kick while holding the ball overhead; side leg lifts & circles; and stationary curtsy lunges with a hop. Once these moves (my list may not be all inclusive) are completed on one leg, you switch sides and repeat them to work the opposite leg. You then move onto the floor where you do some glute work using the ball while on your stomach, as well as bridge work on your back with legs on the ball, chest presses while squeezing the ball between your legs, leg circles that work the lower abs & inner thighs and crunches. That completes the stability ball segment.

The next segment really works the inner and outer thighs with both unique and traditional lifts, pulses, squeezes and a move that I can't explain even if I tried, which I still can't complete! (It's demonstrated from 1:33-1:39 in the video clip provided at Total Fitness DVD) . This segment also works the abs/obliques, triceps with some dips and arms with down dog push-ups. Again, all moves are done on one leg and then repeated to work the opposite leg. This segment ends at the 50:05 mark, so it's around 27 minutes long.

The last segment is the arm work and by this point I am pooped and my arms don't want to do much more, but I press on! It's all done on your knees. You're supposed to be "hovering" over your bum but I find the burn in my quads too intense so I sit up a bit more than I should. You do lots of arm circles, reverse flies, tricep extensions, bicep curls and pulses with arms straight out, at warp speed of course. This segment is a little over 5 minutes and finishes with push-ups and tricep push-ups

The cool down starts around 56:40 and lasts about 3 minutes and it feels great. While she does a good job of stretching out the lower body, I tend to do a bit more on my own. That's just my preference though since I really like a good, total body stretch, especially after a workout like that!

I really like this workout! It's very challenging but fun for me at the same time. I love how there is so much room to grow. If you can get past Darby's non-stop chatter and be okay with going at your own pace, then this is a great total body toner that leaves no muscle untouched.

Instructor Comments:
This workout is led by Darby Brender. While she seems encouraging throughout the workout, she doesn't stop talking - EVER! If you've tried the original, she's the same in this one.