Dr. Lisa's Yoga Blast

Elise Joan
Year Released: 2013

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Pilates/Core Strength , Yoga

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Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

OK. I wasn't sure what to expect from this workout, so I kept an open mind. However, even with that, I was surprised and disappointed by this DVD. This workout is labeled a "yoga based workout". Really? Given all that, I think that someone will enjoy this DVD - just not me.

The DVD offers three different workouts that are each around 20 minutes long, and the menu options let you do them individually or all at once. Dr. Lisa Masterson of the TV show The Doctors (a show I have never seen) is the "name" and Elise Joan is the chief instructor in all three segments. They both try to make the workout fun while adding helpful commentary about the benefits of the various exercises. Boy do they try! I lost count of the number of times they listed the benefits of working out in general or of specific moves and somehow "having fun" was alway on the list - or tacked on after the list. Dr. Lisa's commentary seemed painfully stilted to me as she cited the seemingly same list of benefits over and over. When she wasn't citing those benefits, she was exclaiming how great and fun the moves were.

Despite all this, the DVD does give a variety of workout options. Those include:

The cardio section combines "dance steps". They usually started with what looked like walking moves to me and just added some twists. They would go through a set of moves several times in slow motion - more times than even me, the total dance klutz, needed. Then, they would speed it up. There were some strength-based moves including some yoga after two or three combinations. My reaction was, "You want me to do WHAT now?"

The strength section incorporates a lot of ballet-inspired exercises, along with yoga poses. This workout doesn't require any equipment other than a chair for balance. I'm not into barre workouts, but for those who are, this might be a good strength option in a mainstream DVD with multiple workout options.

Power Stretch
The stretching section is a blend of stretching, yoga poses, and Pilates exercises to help promote balance, flexibility and strength. This is probably my favorite section of the DVD. They did offer some modifications for some of the exercises. I enjoyed it up to the point that the moves couldn't be done my painful arthritic knee. I just can't do the pigeon and double pigeon (is that the right name?) these days. But, it seemed like a good stretch if you could do it.

The moves on this DVD really are low impact and they do give some modifications along the way. The workouts are set outside in a pretty garden setting. Overall though, I really didn't enjoy this DVD. My hope is that it is the perfect workout for SOMEONE out there.

Instructor Comments:
The instructor was pretty good - engaging and encouraging - although her queuing could have been better. Of course, she kept having to respond to Dr. Lisa's stilted comments in her instruction.

Laura S.