Core Secrets Hard Body Challenge

Gunnar Peterson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Total of 33:50 min, including brief warm up and stretch
Equipment: agility ladder, or something that marks off 6 spaces
Light, medium and heavy Dumbbells, jump rope


Warm up: 4 min

Circuit 1:
Lawnmower row where you lunge diagonally, alternating sides with 1 arm rowing
Bicep curls standing on 1 foot; switch to other foot
With palms facing to the back, upright tilting alternating single arm rows
No weights: squats moving laterally on agility ladder, back and forth, 4x
Jump rope
Repeat circuit

Circuit 2:
One legged two-arm rows
Reaching lunges using the agility ladder going back and forth, with 2 arm deep rows (reach to the floor, then stand up), 4x
Alternating hammer curls
Jump rope
Repeat circuit

Water break whilst plugging Propel

Circuit 3:
Reaching to side, 2 arm rows
Alternating Monkey row, elbow leading
Rear flyes
Rear alternating lunges, with overhead press
Jump rope
Repeat circuit

Abs in supine position on floor:
Bridge work
Repeat 2 more times

2 min stretch

This is a pretty decent weights workout in about 30 minutes, that includes doable jump rope segments. despite the brief jump rope segments, i'd classify this workout as a primarily strength workout. i don't feel that the circuits necessarily get your heart rate up since he doesn't do a lot of reps. i had all of my weights at the ready because some moves can be done with heavier weights, even though Gunner and his crew of 4 women appear to use 1 pair for all of the moves. surprisingly, i felt well "worked" after doing this workout. i own all of the Core Secrets workouts, having acquired them at thrift stores and on Amazon over the years. i didn't use an agility ladder but mirrored their moves successfully w/o one. i used a beaded jump rope and did fine in those segments.

Instructor Comments:
Gunner is his usual "Dragnet" just the facts self. i happen to like his style because he gets right down to it, you get a brief demo of the move and sporadic form pointers, and you're done in no time w/o feeling rushed.