Extremely Ripped & Chiseled

Jari Love
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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I have held steadfastly to Jari's "old school" workouts -- no cardio, mostly isolation moves (no combination), etc. Anyway, this new workout is AWESOME! Unlike the original Ripped & Chiseled, I felt that this one has more challenging lower body sections (perhaps more balanced?).

One thing I liked is that I am to shorten the workout (as is, it is a bit long). Each track/chapter has a body part focus and generally has several repetitions of a specific pattern (eg. 8 slow and 8 fast, then repeat that 2-3 times). So it's easy to do just 1 or 2 sets, then hit "next chapter" on your remote to skip to the next exercise/body part. Lots of room for growth, if you start with just a set or 2 and build up to the entire track!

There are two "30 minute" premixes (one upper and one lower) but these are actually around 45 min. with the warm-up and cool down included. Jari includes pushups, chest and back in the Lower Body premix, so I almost feel like that would do as a total body workout on a short-on-time day.

Here is a list of some of the moves in the workout:
5 min. cardio WARM-UP: marches, step taps, etc. Pretty quick-paced.

LOWER BODY: crouching squats, wide squat jumps & lunges, heels up & down/deadlifts, side squats & curtsey lunges, single arm row w/ glute squeeze, seated rows, decline pushups, chest press

UPPER BODY: triceps pushups/overhead triceps extension, seated shoulder press, anterior raise, reverse fly/lateral raise, seated biceps curls, hammer curls, abs

Instructor Comments:
Modifications are shown for most moves and two of the segments are led by background exercisers.