Extremely Ripped & Chiseled

Jari Love
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Just wanted to provide more breakdowns regarding this workout.

The main menu has the following choices:
Complete Workout
Lower Body
Upper Body

*I don’t want to call the 2 premixes “30 min workouts” as they are listed on the menu because it’s not quite accurate. Today, I selected the Complete Workout since I wanted to work out for at least 60 min.

Actual times, if you select “Complete Workout”:

Warm-up: 4:54 actual duration**
**It shows 1:41 elapsed on the DVD machine display, which I presume are the introductory remarks.

Lower Body: 35:47
The counter resets to zero and automatically proceeds to the Lower Body moves. The counter keeps increasing and does not reset to zero after each move (some of Jari’s workouts do this, where it resets to zero after each and every move).

Upper Body: 32:57
The counter resets to zero and automatically proceeds to the Upper Body moves. The counter keeps increasing and does not reset to zero after each move (some of Jari’s workouts do this, where it resets to zero after each and every move).

Cool Down: 4:40
Again, the counter resets to zero and automatically proceeds to the cool down.

Detailed list of moves:
Lower Body Moves, approx. 4-5 min each:
Crouching Squats (Jari did it w/o weights, although Laurie uses weights)
Wide Squat jumps & static lunges
Heels elevated, then toes elevated weighted deadlifts (I used my Firm 2x4 piece of lumber :D)
Side Squats and Curtsy lunges w/weights (I used my high step topper w/2 risers; this is a long, killer set)
Floor work: Single arm Row w/straight leg lifts (Lesley leads this)
Seated Rows sitting on step w/2 risers (Lesley leads this)
Decline push-ups (3 min)
Chest Press using step as a weight bench (both arms, then alternating piston-style arms)

Upper Body Moves, approx. 4-5 min each:
Tricep pushups and overhead tricep extension
Seated Shoulder press
Standing Anterior Raise
Standing reverse flyes and lateral raises
Seated bicep curls
Standing Hammer curls
Abs (uses a dumbbell behind the knees)

I like this workout and would classify it as an endurance workout. it would be perfect if she had one more premix where you alternate LB and UB. i thought it was somewhat different where you do LB as the first segment, then UB.

She does not do as much stretching between sets - only after the pushups. However, at the very end of the workout, there's a cool down segment, which you can skip to if you need to shorten the workout.

The cast consists of all women who are all pleasant.

Instructor Comments:
Jari is pretty calm and straight forward in this one. She doesn't make any odd comments. I don't usually get annoyed by anything she says, but some viewers might. Lesley gets to lead 2 sets as described above, and she's really good and encouraging. Laurie does a modified version over in the corner. sometimes, Laurie's version is less intense IMHO for some reason.



I have held steadfastly to Jari's "old school" workouts -- no cardio, mostly isolation moves (no combination), etc. Anyway, this new workout is AWESOME! Unlike the original Ripped & Chiseled, I felt that this one has more challenging lower body sections (perhaps more balanced?).

One thing I liked is that I am to shorten the workout (as is, it is a bit long). Each track/chapter has a body part focus and generally has several repetitions of a specific pattern (eg. 8 slow and 8 fast, then repeat that 2-3 times). So it's easy to do just 1 or 2 sets, then hit "next chapter" on your remote to skip to the next exercise/body part. Lots of room for growth, if you start with just a set or 2 and build up to the entire track!

There are two "30 minute" premixes (one upper and one lower) but these are actually around 45 min. with the warm-up and cool down included. Jari includes pushups, chest and back in the Lower Body premix, so I almost feel like that would do as a total body workout on a short-on-time day.

Here is a list of some of the moves in the workout:
5 min. cardio WARM-UP: marches, step taps, etc. Pretty quick-paced.

LOWER BODY: crouching squats, wide squat jumps & lunges, heels up & down/deadlifts, side squats & curtsey lunges, single arm row w/ glute squeeze, seated rows, decline pushups, chest press

UPPER BODY: triceps pushups/overhead triceps extension, seated shoulder press, anterior raise, reverse fly/lateral raise, seated biceps curls, hammer curls, abs

Instructor Comments:
Modifications are shown for most moves and two of the segments are led by background exercisers.